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seanomlor/ Secret

Last active Aug 9, 2019
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The Dao Bums forum simplification


  • Welcome! (merges Welcome and Newcomer Corner)
  • Discussions On The Way (New "General Discussion")
  • Focused Traditions
    • Daoist (merges Daodejing, Zhuangzi, etc.)
      • 道家学说
      • Interviews
      • Textual Studies
    • Buddhist
    • Vedic
    • Occult
  • The Rabbit Hole (merges "The Rabbit Hole", "Off Grid". Basically an off topic forum to talk about whatever, but not an "anything goes")
  • Meta-Talk (merges Forum and Tech Support, Moderation Logs, Rules and Use)


  • Personal Practice (still has everyone's private subforums under this)
  • Gender Gardens
    • Nonbinary (for nonbinary, gender questioning and intersex)
    • Women (for women and female identified)
    • Men (for men and male identified)
  • Group Studies
  • Lending Library
  • Local Meetups and Events (merges Local Meetups and Upcoming Events)
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