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Sitecore 10 Solr 8.4.0 install
# The Prefix that will be used on SOLR, Website and Database instances.
$Prefix = "Demo"
# The root folder with the license file and WDP files.
$SCInstallRoot = "C:\ResourceFiles"
# Install Solr Single Developer
$SolrSingleDeveloperParams = @{
Path = "$SCInstallRoot\Solr-SingleDeveloper.json"
SolrInstallRoot = "c:\Solution\SolR840\SolR840-$Prefix"
SolrServicePrefix = $Prefix
SolrPort = "9999"
SolrDomain = "localhost"
Push-Location $SCInstallRoot
Install-SitecoreConfiguration @SolrSingleDeveloperParams *>&1 | Tee-Object Solr-SingleDeveloper.log
# Uncomment the below line and comment out the above if you want to remove the XP0 SingleDeveloper Config
#Uninstall-SitecoreConfiguration @SolrSingleDeveloperParams *>&1 | Tee-Object Solr-SingleDeveloper.log-Uninstall.log
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