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the code to put in your Choregraphe box to load the Image Recognition Database on your Nao or Pepper
class MyClass(GeneratedClass):
def __init__(self):
def onLoad(self):
self.reco = ALProxy("ALVisionRecognition")
self.fmgr = ALProxy("ALFrameManager")
def onUnload(self):
def onInput_onStart(self):
# self.getParameter refers to Choregraphe box parameters
path = self.fmgr.getBehaviorPath(self.behaviorId) + self.getParameter("path")
# this is the most important call
if self.reco.changeDatabase(path, self.getParameter("db name")):'Vision Database was loaded')
self.logger.warning('Could not load vision recognition database')
def onInput_onStop(self):
self.onUnload() #it is recommended to reuse the clean-up as the box is stopped
self.onStopped() #activate the output of the box
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