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Created July 25, 2015 00:49
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maps the labels of Wikidata QIDs to the appropriate Wikipedia pages
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
__author__ = 'Sebastian Burgstaller'
__licence__ = 'GPLv3'
import PBB_Core
import pandas as pd
import requests
import os
col_names = ['QID', 'Wikidata label','Wikipedia title', 'Wikipedia pageid', 'has interwiki link']
data_types = {x: object for x in col_names}
data_types.update({'has interwiki link': bool})
append = True
if os.path.isfile('./WD_to_WP_disease_map.csv') and append:
wd_to_wp_map = pd.read_csv('./WD_to_WP_disease_map.csv', index_col=0, dtype=data_types)
wd_to_wp_map = pd.DataFrame(columns=col_names)
wd_disease_items = PBB_Core.WDItemList('CLAIM[557] or CLAIM[699]').wditems['items']
for count, item in enumerate(wd_disease_items):
if str(item) in wd_to_wp_map['QID'].values and append:
print('skipping', item)
count += 1
# print(count, item)
wd_object = PBB_Core.WDItemEngine(wd_item_id='Q{}'.format(item))
wd_json = wd_object.wd_json_representation
wd_to_wp_map.loc[count, 'QID'] = item
label = ''
sitelink = ''
if 'labels' in wd_json:
if 'en' in wd_json['labels']:
label = wd_json['labels']['en']['value']
# print(count, label)
wd_to_wp_map.loc[count, 'Wikidata label'] = label
if 'sitelinks' in wd_json:
if 'enwiki' in wd_json['sitelinks']:
sitelink = wd_json['sitelinks']['enwiki']['title']
# print(count, sitelink)
wd_to_wp_map.loc[count, 'Wikipedia title'] = sitelink
wd_to_wp_map.loc[count, 'has interwiki link'] = True
params = {
'action': 'query',
'titles': label,
'format': 'json'
reply = requests.get('', params=params)
reply_json = reply.json()
if label != '':
for pageid in reply_json['query']['pages']:
if pageid != '-1':
wd_to_wp_map.loc[count, 'Wikipedia pageid'] = pageid
wd_to_wp_map.loc[count, 'Wikipedia title'] = reply_json['query']['pages'][pageid]['title']
except requests.HTTPError as e:
'Q{}'.format(wd_to_wp_map.loc[count, 'QID']),
wd_to_wp_map.loc[count, 'Wikidata label'],
wd_to_wp_map.loc[count, 'Wikipedia pageid'],
wd_to_wp_map.loc[count, 'Wikipedia title']
# if count > 100:
# break
if count % 100 == 0:
wd_to_wp_map.to_csv('./WD_to_WP_disease_map.csv', index=True, encoding='utf-8', header=True)
print('count:', count)
wd_to_wp_map.to_csv('./WD_to_WP_disease_map.csv', index=True, encoding='utf-8', header=True)
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