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seivan / BitSetPerformanceTests.swift
Created Jul 27, 2018
`BitSet / BitVector / BitArray` using `UnsafeMutablePointer` instead of `Array<T>`
View BitSetPerformanceTests.swift
import XCTest
import Foundation
final class Ref {
var value : UnsafeMutablePointer<Int>
init(_ v : UnsafeMutablePointer<Int>) {value = v}
deinit {
seivan / NonBlockingRead.swift
Last active Jul 4, 2018
Nonblocking availableData on FileDescriptor incase you've set the O_NONBLOCK flag.
View NonBlockingRead.swift
var flags = fcntl(reader.fileDescriptor, F_GETFL)
_ = fcntl(reader.fileDescriptor, F_SETFL, flags | O_NONBLOCK)
public var nonBlockingAvailableData: Data? {
return self.__readDataOfLength(Int.max, untilEOF: false)
internal func __readDataOfLength(_ length: Int, untilEOF: Bool) -> Data? {
let _closed: Bool = false
View statefulprocess.swift
#if os(Linux)
import Glibc
import Darwin.C
import Foundation
var counter = 0
var messages = Array<String>()
FileHandle.standardInput.readabilityHandler = { filehandler in
View Either+Decodable.swift
extension Either : Decodable where Right: Decodable, Left == Error {
public init(from decoder: Decoder) throws {
do {
let container = try decoder.singleValueContainer()
let value = try container.decode(Right.self)
self = .right(value)
} catch {
self = .left(error)
View decode.ex
defmodule Tiled.Utils.Decoder do
@moduledoc false
defmodule InternalDecoder do
@moduledoc false
defmacro __before_compile__(_env) do
quote do
@spec decode_key_value({:type, String.t()}) :: atom() | nil
defp decode_key_value({:type, ""}), do: nil
defp decode_key_value({:type, type}) when is_binary(type), do: type |> String.to_atom()
View TypedStruct.ex
defmodule Utils.TypedStruct do
@moduledoc """
Define module with struct and typespec, in single line.
#### Thus
alias Utils.TypedStruct
defmodule User do
use TypedStruct, name: String.t
deftypedstruct Phone, numbers: list(integer)
View drawing.ex
defmodule Drawille.Braille do
@moduledoc """
Module for a braille code.
@braille_offset 0x2800
@doc """
You can get "braille byte" by pixel_map.
pixel map to n-th bits:
seivan / sample.ts
Created Mar 20, 2018
Redux with RX
View sample.ts
const randomError$ = Rx.Observable
.create(observer => {
if (Math.random() < 0.5) {"success")
else {
observer.error("FAILED REQUEST")
View stateless.swift
// ViewController.swift
// iOSDemo
// Created by Seivan Heidari on 17/05/04.
import UIKit
import StateKit
View sample.swift
.subscribe { if let state = $0.element {
.flatMap { $0 as? UIButton }
.forEach {
$0.isEnabled = state.isLoading == false
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