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(ns game.core
(def orbit-height 2.0)
(defn from-to-rotation [from to]
(UnityEngine.Quaternion/FromToRotation from to))
(defn planet? [o]
(re-find #"planet" (.name o)))
(defn ship-keys [o]
(key? "a") (rotate! (the rotatoe) (v3 0 -1 0))
(key? "d") (rotate! (the rotatoe) (v3 0 1 0))))
(defn update-ship [o]
(ship-keys o)
(position! o (v3+ (->v3 o) (local-direction (the rotatoe) (v3 0.1 0 0)))))
(defn gizmos-ship [o]
(gizmo-color (color 1 0 0))
(gizmo-ray (->v3 o) (local-direction o (v3 0 -10 0)))
(let [ray (Ray. (->v3 o) (local-direction o (v3 0 -1 0)))
hits (ray-hits ray)
hit (first (filter #(planet? (->go (.collider %))) hits))]
(when hit
(let [norm-ray (Ray. (.point hit) (.normal hit))
orbit-point (.GetPoint norm-ray orbit-height)
norm-quat (from-to-rotation
(local-direction o (Vector3/up))
(.normal hit))
fwd (local-direction o (v3 1 0 0))
good-quat (Quaternion/LookRotation (.normal hit) fwd )]
(gizmo-color (color 0 1 1))
(gizmo-point (.point hit) 0.5)
(gizmo-ray (.point hit) (.normal hit))
(gizmo-ray (->v3 o) (local-direction (the rotatoe) (v3 5 0 0)))
(gizmo-color (color 1 0 1))
(gizmo-point orbit-point 0.2)
(set! (.rotation (.transform o))
(from-to-rotation (Vector3/up) (.normal hit))
(ship-keys o)
(position! o orbit-point)
(defn make-level []
(let [p (clone! :planet2)
spawn (first (children p))
s (clone! :ship (->v3 spawn))]
(dorun (for [i (range 60)]
(clone! :Sphere (?on-sphere 10.0))))
(hook+ s :update update-ship)
(hook+ s :on-draw-gizmos gizmos-ship)))

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commented Aug 4, 2016


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