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def minWindow(self,s, t):
Given a string S and a string T, find the minimum window in S which will contain all the characters in T in complexity O(n).
Output: "BANC"
1. Use two pointers: start and end to represent a window.
2. Move end to find a valid window.
3. When a valid window is found, move start to find a smaller window.
need = collections.Counter(t)
missing = len(t)
start, end = 0, 0
left = 0
for right, char in enumerate(s, 1):
#index j from 1
if need[char] > 0:
missing -= 1
need[char] -= 1
# we found a window
if missing == 0:
# remove un-target chars from the start to find the real start
while left < right and need[s[left]] < 0:
need[s[left]] += 1
left += 1
if end == 0 or right-left < end-start:
# update window
start, end = left, right
# we will move the left pointer,
# and the first char is a target, so we will need to find another one
need[s[left]] += 1
missing += 1
# update i to start+1 for next window
left += 1
return s[start:end]
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