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AppleScript to output notes from all PDFs in a directory as "Notes as Markdown", using my template for the Skim PDF editor.
set this_folder to ""
set export_folder to ""
set these_files to every file of folder this_folder whose name extension is "pdf"
end tell
repeat with i from 1 to the count of these_files
set this_file to (item i of these_files as alias)
set fileName to name of item i of these_files
set savePath to export_folder & ":" & fileName & ".md"
tell application "Skim"
open this_file
convert notes document 1 with waiting
end try
if (count of notes in document 1) > 0 then
save document 1 in savePath as "Notes as Markdown"
end if
close document 1 saving no
end tell
log i
end repeat
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