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@echo off
:: The quick-and-nasty CVE-2013-0156 Heroku inspector!
:: Originally brought to you by @elliottkember with changes by @markpundsack @ Heroku
:: This fork created by @aghilmort of @thoughtpuzzle for windows platforms
:: Download and run using:
:: cmd heroku-CVE-2013-0156.bat
:: alternatively, run next line from command line to check apps individually
:: heroku run bundle show rails --app YOUR_HEROKU_APP_NAME
@echo Retrieving apps list from Heroku.
@echo This step may take a few...minutes...
cmd /C "heroku list > heroku_apps.txt"
@echo Cleaning up apps list.
find /v "=" heroku_apps.txt | find /v ".TXT" | findstr /r /v /c:"^$" > heroku_apps_list.txt
@echo Looping over apps to get Rails versions
@echo This step will take a while, perhaps minutes / app
@echo Go, get some coffee, we're working...really, it's ok
@echo on
for /F "tokens=1" %%i in (heroku_apps_list.txt) do heroku run bundle show rails --app %%i

Lists your Rails app versions at Heroku from the windows command line shell, cmd.

Running below from command line will copy this gist to local batch file, heroku_rails_apps.bat and execute it:

cmd /C "curl > heroku_rails_apps.bat & heroku_rails_apps.bat"

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