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(defprotocol StorageDifferences
(-munge-uuid-for-storage [driver value])
(-munge-hash-for-storage [driver value])
(-munge-json-for-storage [driver value]))
(extend-protocol StorageDifferences
(-munge-uuid-for-storage [driver value]
(str->pgobject "uuid" value))
(-munge-hash-for-storage [driver value]
(str->pgobject "bytea" value))
(-munge-json-for-storage [driver value]
(str->pgobject "json" value)))
(def identity' (fn [_ x] x))
(extend org.hsqldb.jdbc.JDBCDataSource
{:-munge-uuid-for-storage identity'
:-munge-hash-for-storage identity'
:-munge-json-for-storage identity'})
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