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Last active May 28, 2019

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atom shortcuts and snippets for JS to export to Super Flashcards
Command Palette ctrl-shift-p;
Open File ctrl-p;
End line with semicolon ctrl+semicolon;
End line with comma ctrl+comma;
End new line ctrl-Enter;
Easy Block Ctrl+B;
Toggle Developer Tools ctrl-shift-i;
Duplicate Lines ctrl+shift+d;
Delete Line ctrl+shift+k;
Move Line Up ctrl-up;
Move Line Down ctrl-down;
Find/Replace ctrl-f;
Find Next F3;
Find Previous shift-F3;
Go To Line ctrl-g;
Go To Matching Bracket ctrl-m;
Select Line ctrl-l;
Column Selection-Allows to select multiple rows where the same edit will be applied shift-alt-up/down;
Select Same Words ctrl-d;
Undo Selection ctrl-u;
Select All The Same Words At Once alt-F3;
Jump to functions and variable in current file ctrl-r;
Fold/Unfold sections of code ctrl-shift-[ and ];
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