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Senthil Arivudainambi sent-hil

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karmi / .gitignore
Created Apr 3, 2011
Visualizing timelines with Protovis and date histogram facet in ElasticSearch
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bergie /
Created May 18, 2011
Falsy Values tutorials
shilov / redis_json_marshal_eval_benchmarks.rb
Created Jan 27, 2012
Ruby Redis benchmarks for JSON vs Marshal vs String
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require 'benchmark'
require 'json'
require 'redis'
# -----------------
puts "Initialize variables.."

JavaScript Code

var str = "hi";

Memory allocation:

Address Value Description
...... ...

I'm planning on either writing this up in detail or maybe doing a screencast about screencasting, but I'll give a short version here.

On sound quality:

This matters a lot. In decreasing order of importance:

  1. Remove echo. You have to hear this to understand. Set up a mic in front of your mouth and record a sentence. Then, put a thick comforter over you and the mic and say it again at the same distance. Listen to
UnquietCode / Lava Lamp
Created Apr 19, 2015
Lava Lamp Random Number Generator
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Lava Lamp Random Number Generator

(extracted from the now defunct SGI project at via the magical Internet Archive Wayback Machine)

Lava Lamps can be used as a source of randomness, which can be used to establish a random number generator. The output of the RNG can then be consumed by various computer applications.

Step 1: Establish a chaotic system

(Set up Lava Lite® lamps in a machine room.)

kachayev /
Last active Jun 23, 2020
Channels Are Not Enough or Why Pipelining Is Not That Easy
jpillora / sshd.go
Last active Jun 27, 2020
Go SSH server complete example - Read more here
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// A small SSH daemon providing bash sessions
// Server:
// cd my/new/dir/
// #generate server keypair
// ssh-keygen -t rsa
// go get -v .
// go run sshd.go
// Client:
mikeyk / gist:1329319
Created Oct 31, 2011
Testing storage of millions of keys in Redis
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#! /usr/bin/env python
import redis
import random
import pylibmc
import sys
r = redis.Redis(host = 'localhost', port = 6389)
mc = pylibmc.Client(['localhost:11222'])
JoshuaEstes /
Last active Jul 3, 2020
Developer Cheat Sheets for bash, git, gpg, irssi, mutt, tmux, and vim. See my dotfiles repository for extra info.
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