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Teil 1 des Codes für Defer-Video Loading
function democratic_add_video_load( $content ) {
if( is_feed() || is_preview() || ( function_exists( 'is_mobile' ) && is_mobile() ) ) return $content; if ( false !== strpos( $content, 'data-src' ) ) return $content; $placeholder_image = (''); $content = preg_replace( '#<iframe([^>]+?)src=[\'"]?([^\'"\s>]+)[\'"]?([^>]*)>#', sprintf( '<iframe${1}src="%s" data-src="${2}"${3}><noscript><iframe${1}src="${2}"${3}></noscript>', $placeholder_image ), $content ); return $content; }
add_filter( 'the_content', 'democratic_add_video_load' );
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