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jshint sublime settings (there is another one for configs too!)
// Simply using `node` without specifying a path sometimes doesn't work :(
"node_path": {
"windows": "C:/Program Files (x86)/nodejs/node.exe",
"linux": "/usr/bin/nodejs",
"osx": "/usr/local/bin/node"
// Automatically lint on edit (Sublime Text 3 only).
"lint_on_edit": true,
// Configurable duration before re-linting.
"lint_on_edit_timeout": 1,
// Automatically lint when a file is loaded.
"lint_on_load": false,
// Automatically lint when a file is saved.
"lint_on_save": false,
// Highlight problematic regions when selected.
"highlight_selected_regions": false,
// Log the settings passed to JSHint from `.jshintrc`.
"print_diagnostics": true
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