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upickle メモ
import upickle.{Js, Api}
trait UseUpickle {
val mJsonApi: upickle.Api
def write[T: mJsonApi.Writer](a: T): String = mJsonApi.write(a)
def writeHoge(aHoge: Hoge): String = {
import mJsonApi._
case class Hoge(v: Long, s: String)
class UseDefaultUpickle extends UseUpickle {
override val mJsonApi: Api = upickle.default
class UseMyUpickle extends UseUpickle {
object MyApi extends upickle.AttributeTagged {
override implicit val LongRW: ReadWriter[Long] = ReadWriter(
l => Js.Num(l),
case Js.Num(d) => d.toLong
override val mJsonApi: Api = MyApi
object UpickleApp extends App {
def check(aUseUpickle: UseUpickle): Unit = {
import aUseUpickle.mJsonApi._
println(aUseUpickle.write(Hoge(10, "string")))
println(aUseUpickle.writeHoge(Hoge(10, "string")))
val tUseDefault = new UseDefaultUpickle
val tUserMyUpickle = new UseMyUpickle
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