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JAAS config Magnolia example configuration file
* options for JCRAuthenticationModule module:
* realm: to restrict the login to a certain realm
* use_realm_callback: to allow the GUI to pass the realm to login into
* skip_on_previous_success: if true the login is scipped if a former module proceeded a successfull login
* example:
* info.magnolia.jaas.sp.jcr.JCRAuthenticationModule requisite realm=public;
* info.magnolia.jaas.sp.jcr.JCRAuthenticationModule requisite realm=admin skip_on_previous_success=true;
magnolia {
info.magnolia.jaas.sp.jcr.JCRAuthenticationModule optional;
info.magnolia.jaas.sp.ldap.LDAPAuthenticationModule optional skip_on_previous_success=true;
info.magnolia.connector.sso.jaas.SSOAuthenticationModule requisite skip_on_previous_success=true;
info.magnolia.jaas.sp.jcr.JCRAuthorizationModule required;
sso-authentication {
info.magnolia.connector.sso.jaas.SSOAuthenticationModule requisite;
info.magnolia.jaas.sp.jcr.JCRAuthorizationModule required;
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