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Piping in your shell using jq and curl
Some terminal geeks would like to spice up their MOTD or sshd banner with a scooter quote.
All deps for below commands:
brew install curl jq youtube-dl mplayer
For this example you must install jq and curl if not present. Both should be in your favorite package manager.
Random quote:
curl -s | jq -r '.quote.text'
Daily quote:
curl -s | jq -r '.quote.text'
Or spice things op with cowsay:
curl -s | jq -r '.quote.text' | cowsay
Or if you want to get all funky, throw it in aalib/aview:
curl -s `curl -s | jq -r '.quote.album_cover'` | convert fd:0 pnm:- | aview
Install youtube-dl and mplayer and have some fun with this command:
youtube-dl -q -o- $(curl -s '' | jq -r '.quote.videos[0].link') | mplayer -cache 8192 -
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