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Seyoum seyoum

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ojame / delete.js
Created Jun 29, 2017
Delete all movies that haven't been 'downloaded' in Radarr. Mass/bulk deleting.
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// Go to Radarr and click 'settings' => 'general'.
// Open the JavaScript Console in Google Chrome (View => Developer => Javascript Console)
// Past the following in. Hit enter and away you go.
const key = document.getElementsByClassName('x-api-key')[0].value;
if (!key) {
alert('Navigate to /settings/general and run again');
citrusui /
Last active Jan 14, 2021
"Dropdowns" in Markdown
How do I dropdown?
This is how you dropdown.

<summary>How do I dropdown?</summary>
This is how you dropdown.
Phlow / jekyll-sorted-category-for-loop-alphabetical-date.liquid
Last active Sep 2, 2019
Jekyll (Liquid) for loop to sort posts by category in alphabetical or date-based or similiar order.
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{% comment %}
# Change date order by adding '| reversed'
# To sort by title or other variables use {% assign sorted_posts = category[1] | sort: 'title' %}
{% endcomment %}
{% assign sorted_cats = site.categories | sort %}
{% for category in sorted_cats %}
{% assign sorted_posts = category[1] | reversed %}
<h2 id="{{category[0] | uri_escape | downcase }}">{{category[0] | capitalize}}</H2>


Converting Audio into Different Formats / Sample Rates

Minimal example: transcode from MP3 to WMA:
ffmpeg -i input.mp3 output.wma

You can get the list of supported formats with:
ffmpeg -formats

You can get the list of installed codecs with:

iambibhas / scopes.txt
Last active Nov 11, 2020
Sublime Text 2: Snippet scopes
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Here is a list of scopes to use in Sublime Text 2 snippets -
ActionScript: source.actionscript.2
AppleScript: source.applescript
ASP: source.asp
Batch FIle: source.dosbatch
C#: source.cs
C++: source.c++
Clojure: source.clojure