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PasswordHasher.cs - Building Workflow Driven .NET Core Applications with Elsa
using System.Security.Cryptography;
using Elsa.Samples.UserRegistration.Web.Models;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Cryptography.KeyDerivation;
namespace Elsa.Samples.UserRegistration.Web.Services
public class PasswordHasher : IPasswordHasher
public HashedPassword HashPassword(string password)
// Generate a 128-bit salt using a secure PRNG.
var salt = new byte[128 / 8];
using (var rng = RandomNumberGenerator.Create())
return HashPassword(password, salt);
public HashedPassword HashPassword(string password, byte[] salt)
// Derive a 256-bit subkey (use HMACSHA1 with 10,000 iterations)
var hashed = KeyDerivation.Pbkdf2(
iterationCount: 10000,
numBytesRequested: 256 / 8);
return new HashedPassword(hashed, salt);
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