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Create UIViewController from storyboard and pass parameter safely.
class UserListViewController: UIViewController {
func presentUserProfile(userId: String) {
let vc = UserProfileViewControllerFactory.create(userId: "xxxxx")
self.present(vc, animated: true, completion: nil)
public protocol StoryboardInstantiatable {
static var storyboardName: String { get }
static var viewControllerIdentifier: String? { get }
static var bundle: Bundle? { get }
public extension StoryboardInstantiatable where Self: UIViewController {
public static var storyboardName: String {
return String(describing: self)
public static var viewControllerIdentifier: String? {
return nil
public static var bundle: Bundle? {
return nil
public static func instantiate() -> Self {
let loadViewController = { () -> UIViewController? in
let storyboard = UIStoryboard(name: storyboardName, bundle: bundle)
if let viewControllerIdentifier = viewControllerIdentifier {
return storyboard.instantiateViewController(withIdentifier: viewControllerIdentifier)
} else {
return storyboard.instantiateInitialViewController()
guard let viewController = loadViewController() as? Self else {
return viewController
struct UserProfileViewControllerFactory {
private init() {}
static func create(userId: String) -> UserProfileViewController {
let vc = UserProfileViewController.instantiate()
vc.userId = userId
return vc
class UserProfileViewController: UIViewController {
fileprivate var userId: String!
override func viewDidLoad() {
override func didReceiveMemoryWarning() {
extension UserProfileViewController: StoryboardInstantiatable {}
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malhal commented Jul 17, 2019

You can now invoke a custom initializer from a creation block that's passed through instantiateInitialViewController(creator:) or instantiateViewController(identifier:creator:). This makes it possible for you to initialize view controllers with additional context and arguments, while taking advantage of defining them in a storyboard through Interface Builder. A custom controller initializer must call its super.init(coder:) method and pass the coder argument that it receives through the creation block. (48313869)

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