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sgur / .dircolors.wsl
Last active Sep 16, 2020
Dircolors for WSL
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# dircolors for WSL
# Usage: eval `dircolors ~/.dircolors.wsl` (bash)
TERM Eterm
TERM ansi
TERM color-xterm
TERM con[0-9]*x[0-9]*
TERM cons25
sgur / user.js
Last active Jun 19, 2020
Firefox の設定 (user.js)
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// アクセシビリティ機能は強制的にオフにする
user_pref("accessibility.force_disabled", 1);
// Smooth Scroll のチューニング
// WebRender を有効化
user_pref("gfx.webrender.all", true)
// 検索エンジンの不要なものを表示しない
sgur / fontlink_seguoUI-YuGothic.reg
Last active Feb 21, 2018
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sgur / fontlink._segoeui.reg
Created Feb 20, 2018
Segoe UI と Meiryo UI のフォントサイズのバランスを調整するレジストリ (utf-16le,bomb,crlf)
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sgur / DeleteOpenInVisualStudio.cmd
Created Feb 16, 2018
エクスプローラーのコンテキストメニューから "Visual Studio で開く" (open in visual studio) を削除する
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reg delete HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell\AnyCode /f
reg delete HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\AnyCode /f
sgur / scrollbench.vim
Last active Dec 15, 2017
renderoptions 用の画面スクロール用のベンチマークスクリプト
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scriptencoding utf-8
function! s:benchmark() abort "{{{
normal !gg
call timer_start(0, function('s:callback', [reltime(), line('$')]), {'repeat': -1})
endfunction "}}}
function! s:callback(time, lines, timer) abort "{{{
if line('.') < a:lines
execute 'normal!' "\<C-f>"
View cvimrc.vim
# Disable cVim on the sites matching one of the patterns
let blacklists = ["*", "*://*", "@*", "*", "*"]
sgur / .tigrc
Last active Nov 30, 2017
Windows 版 gVim の :terminal で tig を使うための設定
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# for tig in terminal in Vim
set vertical-split = no
color date cyan default
color graph-commit magenta default
sgur / karabiner_elements_aquaskk_on_iterm2.json
Created Sep 20, 2017
Locate under ~/.config/karabiner/assets/complex_modifications/
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"title": "AquaSKK on iTerm2 /",
"rules": [
"description": "Change left_ctrl + j to Hiragana on iTerm2",
"manipulators": [
"conditions": [
"bundle_identifiers": [
sgur / .inputrc
Last active Apr 9, 2018
Bash on Windows (Trusty) 上で必要な設定ファイル類
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# A ~/.inputrc for Humans
$include /etc/inputrc
set colored-stats On
set completion-ignore-case On
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