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telethon get if participant is admin
from import ChannelParticipantCreator, ChannelParticipantAdmin
from import GetParticipantRequest
async def handler(event):
participant = await client(GetParticipantRequest(channel=event.original_update.message.to_id.channel_id,user_id=event.original_update.message.from_id))
isadmin = (type(participant.participant) == ChannelParticipantAdmin)
iscreator = (type(participant.participant) == ChannelParticipantCreator)
print(isadmin, iscreator)
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jmcambot commented Dec 9, 2021

Hi, thank you very much for this code that works! It was very useful to me to detect the reliability of a user when a post is published in a group, and a bot is reading it.
There is just a mistake, probably changed since the version of your post, you need to replace user_id=... with participant=...
And of course it may be necessary to manage errors when data is not as clean as we expected :-)

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