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sqlalchemy logging output

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INFO:sqlalchemy.engine.base.Engine:BEGIN (implicit)
INFO:sqlalchemy.engine.base.Engine:SELECT AS posts_pid, posts.title AS posts_title, posts.body AS posts_body, posts.date_created AS posts_date_created, posts.user_id AS posts_user_id, count( = comments.post_id) AS count_1
FROM posts, comments
INFO:sqlalchemy.engine.base.Engine:SELECT users.uid AS users_uid, users.fullname AS users_fullname, users.username AS users_username, AS users_email, users.password AS users_password, users.about_me AS users_about_me, users.location AS users_location, AS users_sex, users.lastvisit AS users_lastvisit, users.regdate AS users_regdate, users.timeonline AS users_timeonline, users.group_id AS users_group_id
FROM users
WHERE users.uid = ?
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