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Install Scala in Colab.ipynb
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BilalKacel commented May 6, 2020

Hello Shadaj,
I hope you're well.
I would like to know if the installation procedure of the Scala kernel is still functional?
From Colab, there is no error when I run the Scala Kernel installation.
But, unfortunately, just running the "Hello World !" print does not work ...
Do you have any advice ?

Thank you.

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cedricmjohn commented Jun 11, 2020

Same as BilalKacel: the install seems to work, but the kernel does not load Scala. Tried to reload the page and restart the kernel but did not work for me.

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tensorvijay commented Oct 1, 2020

I would strongly encourage this to be resolved

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MielHostens commented Nov 28, 2020

This was possible earlier, but indeed fails now

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shadaj commented Nov 28, 2020

Hmm, this is surprising. I just used the same initialization code for a couple other notebooks in the past week and it seemed to work fine. Perhaps the notebook needs to be set to the Scala kernel like in to work?

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MielHostens commented Nov 28, 2020

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