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I was contacted with the following very polite request:
Hi Matt,
Apologies for the direct contact - I'm writing a story for The Register concerning the recent investigation by the Perl CAT, the outcome and the update made over the weekend.
Do you have any comment to make on it all?
Best regards,
Richard Speed
I responded with:
1) I find it deeply unfortunate that the CAT posted in their initial 'transparency' report that "The CAT has informed the individual investigated ..." without, in fact, having informed me of any such thing - I was, in fact, taking a day off from online at the time because I was still upset about having hurt Sawyer - thereby worrying multiple people up to and including there being a debate as to whether a local friend should perform an in person wellness check - and have neither clarified nor apologised for this error in their update.
2) Any attempt to relitigate the events upon which their investigation focused would not make the people I upset any less upset, and as such would gain me nothing that I would actually want here
3) Given the background ably explained by leont's post ( ) I believe that at this point the best thing for my friends and my community is to accept the one year exclusion from certain spaces as currently proposed, such that we can focus our energies on the future of perl instead of prolonging such divisive discourse after a year where we've had more than enough thereof
(note that I am entirely aware that was kinda long and might not fit into such an article - if you're unable to find word count to include the entire thing as a footnote I entirely understand but would intend to publish the exact same text publicly somewhere in that case and would very much appreciate a link to said public publishing - the only reason I'm not doing so pre-emptively is because it would feel Incorrect to me given your polite approach, and given the initial article about the CAT process was, frankly, extremely fair in that it was truthful without any attempt to exonerate me of my mistakes, I prefer to smash the 'co-operate' button in this particular iterated prisoner's dilemma, as it were)
I hope the above is understandable, and would take no offence to your also quoting from my prior parenthetical, and my apologies in advance if my delay in responding has interfered with your intended deadline.
Also: Cheers for asking.
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