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Last active May 6, 2017
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SASS folder structure
mkdir vendors;cd vendors;touch _bootstrap.scss;touch _jquery-ui.scss;cd ../;mkdir utils;cd utils;touch _variables.scss;touch _functions.scss;touch _mixins.scss;touch _placeholders.scss;cd ../;mkdir base;cd base;touch _reset.scss;touch _typography.scss;cd ../;mkdir layout;cd layout;touch _navigation.scss;touch _grid.scss;touch _header.scss;touch _footer.scss;touch _sidebar.scss;touch _forms.scss;cd ../;mkdir components;cd components;touch _buttons.scss;touch _carousel.scss;touch _cover.scss;touch _dropdown.scss;cd ../;mkdir pages;cd pages;touch _home.scss;touch _contact.scss;cd ../;mkdir themes;cd themes;touch _theme.scss;touch _admin.scss;cd ../;touch style.scss;
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