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Feature: Breach engine tests to verify breach in case vehicle ETD change.
Background: Assign pilots on activity. Two home pilots (of DELP1 with pilot id:1422 and 1423)
reseted to a pitstop (DELP1). One Vehicle is going from DELP1 to AMBP1 (1121286)
and other to JAIP1(894440).ETD of both vehicles is in next 2 hours
(ETD from current time) at DELP1.
Given Active pilots "1422,1423"
And Reset pilot 1422 to "DELP1"
And Reset pilot 1423 to "DELP1"
And 120 minutes "added" to vehicle node tracking id 1121286
And 121 minutes "added" to vehicle node tracking id 894440
When AA scheduler executes
Scenario: Both pilots are from same hub (1422,1423 from DELP1). Difference between expected_start_time and
expected_start_time_at_creation is more than 30 minutes. One vehicle is coming in between. Next available node
is not same as source and NAT is greater than expected start time
Pilot should be breached from activity.
Given Vehicle of pilot 1422 gets "delayed" by 31 minutes
And Get all active "activities" of pilots
When AA scheduler executes
Then Pilot 1422 activity on vehicle number "HR55AA2348" should "breach"
And Pilot 1423 activity on vehicle number "HR55V1072" should "breach"
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