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nightscout bash profile
RED="$(tput setaf 1 2>/dev/null || echo '')"
GREEN="$(tput setaf 2 2>/dev/null || echo '')"
YELLOW="$(tput setaf 3 2>/dev/null || echo '')"
NO_COLOR="$(tput sgr0 2>/dev/null || echo '')"
function __ps1_bgl {
eval "$(cat /mnt/c/Users/scott/.bgl-cache)"
local trend="?"
case "${nightscout_trend}" in
DoubleUp) trend="⇈";;
SingleUp) trend="↑";;
FortyFiveUp) trend="↗";;
Flat) trend="→";;
FortyFiveDown) trend="↘";;
SingleDown) trend="↓";;
DoubleDown) trend="⇊";;
if [ "${nightscout_bgl}" -ge "${nightscout_target_top}" ]; then
printf "\001${YELLOW}\002"
elif [ "${nightscout_bgl}" -le "${nightscout_target_bottom}" ]; then
printf "\001${RED}\002"
printf "\001${GREEN}\002"
printf "%03d %s" "${nightscout_bgl}" "${trend}"
printf "\001${NO_COLOR}\002"
export PS1="\$(__ps1_bgl) $ "
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