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Last active Oct 9, 2017
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Issue description

Whenever a Widevine DRM encrypted video played on certain devices, the player throws$MediaDrmStateException: Failed to get provision request: DRM vendor-defined error: -2990

Reproduction steps

  1. Close the Exoplayer version v2.5.3
  2. Create a demo apk.
  3. Try playing the Widevine DRM videos in the demo app.

Link to test content

You can use any of the sample videos list in demo playlist in Widevine section
Use this exo playlist : harish.exolist.json

Version of ExoPlayer being used


Device(s) and version(s) of Android being used

Redmi 4A - 6.0.1 (Fingerprint : Xiaomi/rolex/rolex:6.0.1)

Same issue was also found in following devices which my users reported

Redmi 3s - 6.0.1 (Fingerprint : Xiaomi/land/land:6.0.1)
Lenovo K3 - 6.0 (Fingerprint : Lenovo/K50a40/K50a40:6.0)


Logcat report : Redmi_4A_Logcat
Bugreport : Redmi_4A_Bugreport

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