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shaunlebron / dark_sheets.css
Last active Jul 13, 2021
Google Sheets Dark Mode
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/* invert the table, formula bar, cell editor, and navbar
and dim transparency to soften */
.cell-input.editable {
filter: invert();
opacity: 0.9;
shaunlebron / SketchSystems.spec
Last active Aug 18, 2021
Super Mario 64 controls
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Super Mario 64 controls
move -> Walking
z -> Crouching
a -> Jumping
b -> Punching
z up -> Standing
shaunlebron /
Last active Apr 25, 2020
Jsonml, HyperScript, Hiccup
shaunlebron /
Last active Dec 17, 2019
alternative visualization for neural networks

Neural Network Alt Viz

Use both scalar and vector nodes to simplify presentation and clarify computation (by linear algebra).

The weighted edges are replaced by two layers of vector nodes:

  1. the first collects the previous neuron scalars into a vector
  2. the second is a weight rack (a matrix), each vector containing all the weights for a neuron

Showing a single path to illustrate computation along its edges:

shaunlebron /
Last active Nov 16, 2021
Print beautiful articles (with HTML to LaTeX)

Print Beautiful Articles (with HTML to LaTeX)

It’s hard to read long articles on a computer. Printing them with beautiful typesetting helps.

This solution converts the whole article (or selected part) to LaTeX, then opens it for printing (or editing) in Overleaf. You need an account there, but no installs.


Images are included in the LaTeX code, but won’t show up until you upload them individually to Overleaf. Look for the \includegraphics commands which are commented out in the code, and refer here for proper insertion.


 Inserting Special Symbols using Apple US Keyboard

You can search special symbols by name in any text field with Ctrl Space.

Or remember the hotkey of ones you frequently use:

~!@#$%^&*()_+  (shift)
`¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠  (alt)

I spent a lot of time in high school and college (2005-07) modifying the game Halo—a dark art I learned by finding experts willing to teach me.

I first approached David Skotnicki (TocaEdit) to ask how he added a knob to the Field of View in Halo. He taught me how to use TSearch and Cheat Engine to analyze the effects of in-game actions on locations in memory, how to find locations in code which accessed its values, how to reroute the game to use custom code, and how to package the edits into a VB6 app for distribution.

I set out to use this for a bit of vanity—to keep the camera floating behind

shaunlebron / instaparse.diff
Created Dec 15, 2018
parindent on instaparse
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diff --git a/runner/cljs/runner/runner.cljs b/runner/cljs/runner/runner.cljs
index e1b2f97..74bc9f6 100644
--- a/runner/cljs/runner/runner.cljs
+++ b/runner/cljs/runner/runner.cljs
@@ -1,13 +1,13 @@
(ns instaparse.runner.runner
(:require [cljs.nodejs :as nodejs]
- [instaparse.abnf-test]
- []
- [instaparse.core-test]
shaunlebron / rum.diff
Created Dec 15, 2018
parindent on rum
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diff --git a/examples/rum/examples.cljs b/examples/rum/examples.cljs
index 70d2a96..e0e5ed3 100644
--- a/examples/rum/examples.cljs
+++ b/examples/rum/examples.cljs
@@ -1,26 +1,26 @@
(ns rum.examples
- [clojure.string :as str]
- [rum.core :as rum]
- [rum.examples.core :as core]
shaunlebron / figwheel.diff
Created Dec 15, 2018
parindent on figwheel-main
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diff --git a/dev/user.clj b/dev/user.clj
index 63a1ebe..7a0b0b4 100644
--- a/dev/user.clj
+++ b/dev/user.clj
@@ -1,23 +1,23 @@
(ns user
(:require [figwheel.server.ring]
- [figwheel.main.schema.config]
- [figwheel.main.api :as api]
- [clojure.string :as string]))