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@shawngraham shawngraham/textreuse.r
Last active Dec 7, 2018

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walking through textreuse for andrew
# use ctrl+enter to run each line in turn
# next line just displays the help file for the package in the help window in R studio
vignette("textreuse-introduction", package = "textreuse")
# check what directory you're in
## have the text you're interested in a subdirectory called corpus
# put the subdirectory into a variable
dir <- ("corpus")
# start the text reuse; it compares sequences of words 7 words in length. You might want to change that for your
# purposes, so in line 26 change n = 7 to whatever seems appropriate
# dir <- system.file("corpus", package = "textreuse") <- don't use this line, seems to screw things up.
# if you get an error with that line, remove 'system.file' and ', package = "textreuse"'
corpus <- TextReuseCorpus(dir = dir, meta = list(title = "Collosal Cave Adventure"),
tokenizer = tokenize_ngrams, n = 7)
# check that everything is there:
# compute similarity
comparisons <- pairwise_compare(corpus, jaccard_similarity)
# turn it into a dataframe if you want
df <- pairwise_candidates(comparisons)
# write the results to file!
write.csv(comparisons, file="textreuse-comparisons.csv")
#### if you've got a lot of data, that can be really slow. so you'd do this instead:
#dir <- system.file("corpus", package = "textreuse") # see comment on line 24 if you get an error here
dir <- ("corpus")
minhash <- minhash_generator(200, seed = 235)
ats <- TextReuseCorpus(dir = dir,
tokenizer = tokenize_ngrams, n = 5,
minhash_func = minhash)
### then the scores:
buckets <- lsh(ats, bands = 50, progress = FALSE)
candidates <- lsh_candidates(buckets)
scores <- lsh_compare(candidates, ats, jaccard_similarity, progress = FALSE)
write.csv(scores, file="textreuse-scores.csv")

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shawngraham commented Dec 7, 2018

while the vignette says to do
dir <- system.file("corpus", package = "textreuse")
that seems to throw an error every time.

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