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Last active Aug 29, 2017
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GSoC 2017 Work Product Submission

What is done

  • Modified strace to be able to implement a pull-style syscall tracing API for Lua scripting.
  • Added support for Lua scripting, implemented a pull-style C API. Lua scripts can select syscalls they want to be notified about; inspect PID of the traced process, syscall arguments, and return value (on syscall exit), inject return values and signals, read traced process’ memory, and make use of strace’ path-matching facilities.
  • Implemented a helper Lua library that provides useful wrappers for the C API and a push-style API for hooking events (syscall entry and/or exit).
  • Implemented upoken function and exposed it to Lua scripts, allowing them to write traced process’ memory. Implemented write_obj wrapper function in the helper library.
  • Added documentation (the “LUA SCRIPTING” section in the man page).
  • Added tests for all the functionality implemented.


Merged commits:

  • (6b4efe9f) strace.c: refactor trace into two functions
  • (0a9d8bfd) strace.c: move termination code to a separate function
  • (099124e8) syscall.c: split trace_syscall() into 6 functions

All commits

Not merged yet:

  • (061c6981) Initial support for LuaJIT scripting
  • (648ee571) Introduce upoken function and expose it to LuaJIT scripts
  • (3dd5543b) tests: check LuaJIT scripting support


  • Get unmerged code merged.
  • Probably, add more examples to the man page section.
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