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Created Aug 31, 2018
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"description": "VirtualDub external encoder profile collection",
"externalEncoders": {
"sets": {
"dpx_rgba64": {
"videoEncoder": "dpx_rgba64",
"audioEncoder": "",
"multiplexer": "",
"description": "",
"extension": "",
"processPartial": false,
"useOutputAsTemp": true
"profiles": {
"dpx_rgba64": {
"name": "dpx_rgba64",
"program": "E:\\download\\vd\\ffmpeg1\\ffmpeg.exe",
"commandArguments": "-f rawvideo -pix_fmt %(pix_fmt) -s %(width)x%(height) -r %(fpsnum)/%(fpsden) -i - -pix_fmt rgba64 %(tempvideofile)_%%04d.dpx",
"outputFilename": "",
"type": 0,
"pixelFormat": "bgra64le",
"inputFormat": 0,
"checkReturnCode": true,
"logStdout": true,
"logStderr": true,
"bypassCompression": false,
"predeleteOutputFile": true
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