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(ns reemvoweler.sync)
(defn build-sentence [orig-tree tree words chars consonants vowels]
(if tree
(if-let [[c & consonants] (seq consonants)]
(build-sentence orig-tree (get tree c) words (conj chars c) consonants vowels))
(if-let [[v & vowels] (seq vowels)]
(build-sentence orig-tree (get tree v) words (conj chars v) consonants vowels))
(if (:word tree)
(let [word (apply str chars)
words (conj words word)]
(if (every? empty? [consonants vowels])
(build-sentence orig-tree orig-tree words [] consonants vowels))))))))
(defn all-results [tree consonants vowels]
(map (partial clojure.string/join " ")
(build-sentence tree tree [] [] consonants vowels)))
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