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@shichuan shichuan/mobile body
Created Apr 19, 2011

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html tags and attributes for your mobile body
// Mail Links
<a href="">John Frank</a>
// Phone Links
<a href="tel:1-408-555-5555">1-408-555-5555</a>
// Text Links
<a href="sms:1-408-555-1212">New SMS Message</a>
// Map Links
<a href="">Cupertino</a>
<a href=",+CA&saddr=cupertino">Directions</a>
// YouTube Links
<a href="">Play Video</a>
<a href="">Play Video</a>
// iTunes Links
<a href="">
<img height="15" width="61" alt="Randy Newman - Toy Story
- You&#39;ve Got a Friend In Me" src="
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