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Last active Mar 12, 2019
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Storybook 5 Release Candidate

Storybook 5 Release Candidate

We're excited to announce that Storybook 5 (SB5) has reached release candidate status! SB5 is our most ambitious release yet, and we'd love your help testing.

Storybook 5.0

Storybook 4 was a complete overhaul of Storybook's guts; now SB5 does the same thing for Storybook's UI with:

  • 🖼 Navigation sidebar redesign
  • 🆒 New canvas toolbar
  • 💻 Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • 🔍 Improved search
  • 📬 Version update notifications

SB5 also includes a new URL structure, expanded addon API, and many more features and architectural improvements.

Help wanted

We need your help testing Storybook 5! Upgrade your project today and file github issues if you run into any problems. The sooner we uncover issues, the more time we have to fix and document them. You can see the current list of issues here.

And of course, if you see any issues that you can help with, PRs are always welcome. Storybook wouldn't be possible without the countless contributions from our wonderful community.

Upgrade instructions

If you've been waiting to upgrade until things have stabilized, now's the time to do it! RC indicates that Storybook 5 is in good shape as far as we know. React Native is still in flux, but otherwise we only anticipate minor bug fixes between now and the final release.

Here's the easiest way to upgrade:

npx npm-check-updates '/storybook/' -un && yarn install

Or simply set the version of "@storybook/*" in package.json to ^5.0.0-rc.1.

We've started to document migration instructions, and will continue to update the documentation throughout the release.

React Native

Storybook for React Native 5.0 is still under development and will be released on its own schedule.

Storybook RN 4.0 split RN client and server. 5.0 migrates the server to use @storybook/core and brings it to parity with the rest of the Storybook ecosystem. We'll release RN when it's ready, possibly in 5.0 and probably in 5.1.

Thanks for your help and stay posted for more updates!


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@sht5 sht5 commented Feb 19, 2019

Amazing work guys. This really changed the way I develope and saves me a whole lot of time. I also managed to integrate it with jest and react-testing-library.

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