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Twitter (un)official Consumer Key

Twitter Official Consumer Key

Twitter for Android

type:            PIN
Consumer key:    3nVuSoBZnx6U4vzUxf5w
Consumer secret: Bcs59EFbbsdF6Sl9Ng71smgStWEGwXXKSjYvPVt7qys

Twitter for iPhone

type:            PIN
Consumer key:    IQKbtAYlXLripLGPWd0HUA
Consumer secret: GgDYlkSvaPxGxC4X8liwpUoqKwwr3lCADbz8A7ADU

Twitter for iPad

type:            PIN
Consumer key:    CjulERsDeqhhjSme66ECg
Consumer secret: IQWdVyqFxghAtURHGeGiWAsmCAGmdW3WmbEx6Hck

Twitter for Mac

type:            PIN
Consumer key:    3rJOl1ODzm9yZy63FACdg
Consumer secret: 5jPoQ5kQvMJFDYRNE8bQ4rHuds4xJqhvgNJM4awaE8

Twitter for Windows Phone

type:            PIN
Consumer key:    yN3DUNVO0Me63IAQdhTfCA
Consumer secret: c768oTKdzAjIYCmpSNIdZbGaG0t6rOhSFQP0S5uC79g

Twitter for Google TV

type:            PIN
Consumer key:    iAtYJ4HpUVfIUoNnif1DA
Consumer secret: 172fOpzuZoYzNYaU3mMYvE8m8MEyLbztOdbrUolU


type:            CALLBACK
Consumer key:    yT577ApRtZw51q4NPMPPOQ
Consumer secret: 3neq3XqN5fO3obqwZoajavGFCUrC42ZfbrLXy5sCv8

Twitter for Windows

type:            CALLBACK
Consumer key:    TgHNMa7WZE7Cxi1JbkAMQ
Consumer secret: SHy9mBMBPNj3Y17et9BF4g5XeqS4y3vkeW24PttDcY

Twitter for Android Sign-Up

type:            PIN
Consumer key:    RwYLhxGZpMqsWZENFVw
Consumer secret: Jk80YVGqc7Iz1IDEjCI6x3ExMSBnGjzBAH6qHcWJlo

Twitter unOfficial Consumer Key

Tweetbot for iOS

type:            CALLBACK
Consumer key:    8AeR93em84Pyum5i1QGA
Consumer secret: ugCImRuw376Y9t9apIq6bgWGNbb1ymBrx2K5NK0ZI


type:            CALLBACK
Consumer key:    WfEZ02WzcqZMvs4HJMZLA
Consumer secret: 69zIxwA9KSuY4IDYRT2Bfk1rq62Nq1csspXOfSRKhg


type:            CALLBACK
Consumer key:    w1Gybt9LP9zG46mS1X3UAw
Consumer secret: hRIK4RWjAO4pokQCvmNCynRAY8Jc8edV1kcV2go6g


type:            CALLBACK
Consumer key:    Eb8hyAEUju1f2g0i2iSwTQ
Consumer secret: lOBgiyGJcYK4jsUc2It38ORlsJC0a60USShZrosMTlw


type:            CALLBACK
Consumer key:    I8ye5YHbnFUVzrWdyEkXw
Consumer secret: UTXlrSs9IuZuhfxfwBDckzMDHCI8HRlTNtitiV2OL4


type:            PIN
Consumer key:    7S2l5rQTuFCj4YJpF7xuTQ
Consumer secret: L9VHCXMKBPb2eWjvRvQTOEmOyGlH4W50getaQJPya4


type:            CALLBACK
Consumer Key:    lYa4VucwdoUUTQLC2utgtg
Consumer Secret: NfnIALNRMcrvC844yypUubWp2xmuiL3zbLN8osjWntM


type:            PIN
Consumer key:    yqoymTNrS9ZDGsBnlFhIuw
Consumer secret: OMai1whT3sT3XMskI7DZ7xiju5i5rAYJnxSEHaKYvEs


type:            PIN
Consumer key:    7YBPrscvh0RIThrWYVeGg
Consumer secret: sMO1vDyJ9A0xfOE6RyWNjhTUS1sNqsa7Ae14gOZnw
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Thank you so much, how long do you suppose to support?

It's something I made for fun a long time ago, and it does need some improvements.
I don't think I will ever take it down.
you can check the code over here:

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Sorry guys,
I had to stop my app since it was draining all of my dynos on Heroku website.
If necessary, you may clone and deploy it to your Heroku account.

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is it possible to use these on official twitter clients? e.g. mac, ios, etc. if so, what files do i edit and how

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MujurID commented Oct 4, 2021

Go to Twidere settings > Network > Advance > Default API settings

Then change Auth type to xAuth, with the Twitter for Android consumer key and secret.

After that, you need to re-login by go to Account > Add account (tap the + icon) > Choose Twitter + User settings then fill your credential (ID/Pass) and login again...

thx bro . works

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AlirezaTheH commented Feb 14, 2022

@MujurID I tried this piece of python code for xauth with Android or iPhone keys but no luck:

oauth = OAuth1(consumer_key,
r =,
                  headers={'x_auth_mode': 'client_auth',
                           'x_auth_username': username,
                           'x_auth_password': password})

I get Request token missing error. Any idea?
Just change headers to data and everything is ok.

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i have python script to create access token for android and iphone

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iamvinny commented Nov 5, 2022

i have python script to create access token for android and iphone

Would you mind sharing with us?

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NotNite commented Feb 3, 2023

Thank you for this! Will prove exceptionally useful soon.

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Does anyone know the callback URL I can use for these for OAuth? I have a third party client that I can input a custom API key into and I’d like to use these (I don’t care if I get suspended). It just asks for a callback URL.

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