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IRC log from August 7th, 2014 - Chat session w/ USM999
17:11 < USM999>| Discusss?
17:12 < USM999>| Discuss what?
17:12 <+[HWK]Defter>| Hi USM999
17:12 <@ ReEvolve>| oh look who's here :)
17:12 < USM999>| Hello
17:12 < USM999>| Not sure why you want me here in the first place
17:13 <+[HWK]Defter>| your ideas of what is a hack and what is not a hack
17:13 <+foxtrotfire>| oh, are we talking hacks?
17:13 <@ ReEvolve>| I'm just sad that my comment was hidden >_>
17:13 <+foxtrotfire>| well then, let's hear it
17:13 <+[HWK]Defter>| USM999 is the guy that made the video
17:14 * foxtrotfire feverously searches his chat history for the relevant video
17:14 <+ hellc9943>| \o/
17:14 <@ Laila>| New topic(s) in colonyhub: Bringing back and revamping Optimization Trees. <>
17:14 <+[HWK]Defter>|
17:14 < USM999>| I know what hacks are and how they work.
17:14 <@ Laila>| Title: ◀| TOO MANY HACKERS | GAMEPLAY | HAWKEN |► - YouTube (at
17:15 < USM999>| I have an extensive knowledge on how they work and how hackers act in these games.
17:15 <+[HWK]Defter>|
17:15 <@ Laila>| Title: ◀| VENGEFULMECH CAUGHT HACKING | GAMEPLAY | HAWKEN |► - YouTube (at
17:15 <+[HWK]Defter>| i've only seen the one i linked second
17:15 <@ ReEvolve>| both are golden lol
17:16 * hellc9943 dodges and shoots
17:16 <+[HWK]Defter>| just don't knock the unlimited ammo, we are aware of it already
17:16 <@ ReEvolve>| Hey, USM999, what did you mean when you said "Boosting, shoots, boosting, shoots. There's no way to do this. The game doesn't let you do this. It's an exploit!"
17:17 < USM999>| It's either an exploit or a hack that bypasses the boost cooldown.
17:18 < USM999>| The players I go against are able to double or even TRIPLE boost without limit.
17:18 <+ CraftyDus>| hi
17:18 < USM999>| They literally boosted and don't even touch the ground.
17:19 <+ CraftyDus>| nice to meet you usm999
17:19 < USM999>| Because when you touch the ground you have no friction therefore there is no ability to boost.
17:19 < USM999>| You can only air boost or ground boost. Not in-between.
17:19 <@ ReEvolve>| What?
17:20 <+ CraftyDus>| what is in between the air and the ground
17:20 <+ CraftyDus>| I'm not up on my metaphysics
17:20 <+foxtrotfire>| I'm almost done with watching that 2nd video, I only see a good infil player
17:20 < USM999>| You can only boost if both feet are directly contacted to any solid ground.
17:20 <@ ReEvolve>| Can you point us to the time of your vid where that "exploit" is shown?
17:21 <+shosca> there's no exploit in that video
17:21 < USM999>| Like I said. It's either an exploit or a HACK.
17:21 <+ CraftyDus>| or the place between where they don't touch
17:21 < USM999>| I know all of the names of hacks that are commonly used in FPS games.
17:21 <+ CraftyDus>| jeff
17:22 <+ CraftyDus>| jeff is a name
17:22 <+ CraftyDus>| have you seen these dodgebots lately?!
17:22 <+shosca> you mean dogebots?
17:22 < USM999>| I will show you the time when he dodged without even once HERING it coming.
17:23 < USM999>| It was from a 100% blind spot.
17:23 < USM999>| In FPS games you can only see in about 120-180 degrees.
17:23 < USM999>| Depending on your FOV.
17:23 <+ CraftyDus>| I try to adjust my mech';s mirror;s to compensate for the fabled blind spot
17:23 <+foxtrotfire>| are you sure he didn't have a scanner up?
17:23 <+shosca> or radar
17:23 < USM999>| Dude I never once see him use a scanner.
17:23 < USM999>| And even if he did.
17:24 <@ ReEvolve>| hm, it's not like you show up on his minimap if you shoot, dodge, boost or fly
17:24 < USM999>| He would be out of range of ever actually using it.
17:24 <+ CraftyDus>| I look at their loadout in deathcam for the ascanner
17:24 < USM999>| He literally placed the radar at the OTHER side of the map.
17:24 <+[HWK]Defter>| using a scanner will not alert the enemy team that you have used a scanner
17:24 < USM999>| It makes a loud buzzing noise.
17:24 < USM999>| You guys design the scanners so players could find them.
17:24 <+shosca> dogebots:
17:24 <@ ReEvolve>| anyway, so when's that "miracle dodge" being shown?
17:25 < USM999>| To create a balance in the game.
17:25 <+ CraftyDus>| would you guyts believe usm999 is a smurf of mine
17:25 <@ ReEvolve>| hah
17:25 <+ CraftyDus>| I wish
17:25 <+ CraftyDus>| so much
17:25 < USM999>| I will give you guys a link.
17:25 <+ CraftyDus>| k
17:25 <+[HWK]Defter>| epic troll bro, CraftyDus
17:25 < USM999>| It allows you to see the same video as I do.
17:25 <+ CraftyDus>| dont link hax plz
17:25 <+foxtrotfire>| 1st video, at 4 minutes, no hacks, just vanguard antics
17:26 <+shosca> CraftyDus: i would've henceforth called you trollmeister
17:26 < USM999>|
17:26 <@ Laila>| Title: - Watch videos. Together. (at
17:26 <@ ReEvolve>| tollmeister of the meistertrolls to the max
17:26 <+ CraftyDus>| I don't troll ever really
17:26 < USM999>| Basically it will stream the youtube video where veryone can see it.
17:26 < USM999>| I am very serious about this.
17:26 <+ CraftyDus>| but he would be the ultimate
17:27 <+[HWK]Defter>| not enough people in there yet
17:27 <+[HWK]Defter>| we need more witnesses
17:27 <+ CraftyDus>| one sec
17:27 <+foxtrotfire>| I don't want to sound like an ass, but it looks like you are just getting outplayed by vengefulmech
17:28 <+foxtrotfire>| I use almost exactly the same tactics in my vanguard
17:28 <+foxtrotfire>| and yes, vanguards are fast, as fast as b-classes
17:30 <+ CraftyDus>| maaaaan
17:30 <+ CraftyDus>| if I was vengeful mech I'd be sooo stoked
17:31 <+ d6chung>| :qa!
17:31 <+ CraftyDus>| it's like having a hype man
17:31 <@ ReEvolve>| lol
17:31 <+ d6chung>| Oops, my mouse wandered...
17:31 <+shosca> mmmmm vim
17:31 <@ ReEvolve>| USM999: is like:
17:31 <@ ReEvolve>| Once you hit the ground
17:31 <@ ReEvolve>| You take fall damage
17:31 <@ ReEvolve>| plus Speed pnealty
17:32 <+[HWK]Defter>| well guys, don't think we can argue with his logic
17:32 <+shosca> i just went frame by frame the first scout encounter, there's nothing wrong there
17:32 <+[HWK]Defter>| i wonder if he has actually ever seen a hacker in any game now
17:32 <+ CraftyDus>| I just want to help him\
17:32 <@ ReEvolve>| The devs removed the short slowdown on landing a few patches ago, USM999
17:32 < USM999>| I can't catch the guy. He moves so fast.
17:33 < USM999>| It's unbelieabley fast.
17:33 < USM999>| No cooldown or anything.
17:33 < USM999>| I will continue the rest of the video.
17:33 <+shosca> reduce your in game sensitivity
17:33 <+shosca> mouse*
17:33 < USM999>|
17:33 <@ Laila>| Title: - Watch videos. Together. (at
17:33 < USM999>| For those of you that want to watch the video
17:34 <+[HWK]Defter>| not joining that room again
17:34 <+[HWK]Defter>| you don't understand
17:34 <+[HWK]Defter>| the people in this room play this game, a lot. they know what is possible. you've not shown us anything that is worthy of calling a hack
17:34 <+ CraftyDus>| I don't even see the code in the matrix anymore...
17:34 <+ CraftyDus>| blonde
17:34 <@ ReEvolve>| USM999: You don't take fall damage when you fall from your own max hover height to the ground and there's no short slowdown after landing anymore (it was removed).
17:34 <+ CraftyDus>| brunette
17:35 < USM999>| Even more
17:35 <+ ShadowGTR>| red head
17:35 < USM999>| Here is where it gets worse/
17:35 <+ CraftyDus>| where
17:35 < USM999>| He is using a commonly known hack called: ESP hack
17:35 <+ CraftyDus>| esp in cs
17:35 <+ CraftyDus>| and dod
17:35 <+[HWK]Defter>| who is using ESP hack
17:35 <+[HWK]Defter>| this same guy?
17:35 < USM999>| Yep
17:35 < USM999>| He knows how much health I have.
17:36 <+[HWK]Defter>| you've shown us exactly zero proof of anything fishy
17:36 <+[HWK]Defter>| WUT
17:36 <@ ReEvolve>| you shoot at him and therefore you show up on your radar. Of course he knows where you go
17:36 < USM999>| How much fuel I have.
17:36 <+ CraftyDus>| that gun goes straight up
17:36 < USM999>| extrasensory perception
17:36 <@ Ashfire908>| is this the first or second vid
17:36 <+ CraftyDus>| its the most recoil in the game
17:36 < USM999>| This is what a hacker sees.
17:36 < USM999>| I will show you an example.
17:36 <+[HWK]Defter>| USM999 how many hours of play do you have
17:36 <+ CraftyDus>| I could be playing hawken right now
17:36 < USM999>| 70+
17:37 <@ Laila>| New topic(s) in colonyhub: How YOU deal with hackers <>
17:37 < USM999>| $120+ spent on this game.
17:37 < USM999>| I already made a ticket request to Defter.
17:37 <+ CraftyDus>| I guess welcome to hawken
17:37 < USM999>| Anyways
17:37 < USM999>| This is a screenshot
17:37 < USM999>| Of how an ESP hack looks like
17:37 < USM999>|
17:37 <+[HWK]Defter>| you know how long ago hawken looked like that
17:37 <+ CraftyDus>| old build
17:37 < USM999>| You can seee other players as colored boxes.
17:37 <+ CraftyDus>| but ya
17:37 * shosca (-‸ლ)
17:38 <+ ShadowGTR>| dat old ui
17:38 < USM999>| Even for an old build. It shows how early hacks have already been developed.
17:38 <@ Ashfire908>| So I haven't read all the backlog
17:38 <+shosca> man i miss that old hud
17:38 <@ Ashfire908>| but
17:38 <@ Ashfire908>| USM999, I've seen the majority of hacks in this game first hand. I watched both your videos and saw nothing in either.
17:38 <+ CraftyDus>| ya that hack is still the same
17:38 <+ CraftyDus>| its one of the only two I've come across
17:38 <@ Ashfire908>| I'm the anti-cheat admin for TPG's Hawken division
17:38 <+ CraftyDus>| but nobody in your vid was using it'
17:38 <+[HWK]Defter>| Ashfire908 has seen some shit
17:39 <@ Ashfire908>| so I should know what's a hack, what's not, and what's questionable
17:39 <+ CraftyDus>| ahem
17:39 < USM999>| Gee I wish I could see what other players see on THEIR screen.
17:39 <+ CraftyDus>| lol
17:39 <@ Ashfire908>| none of your stuff was questionable
17:39 <+shosca> dude, youre not dodging at all, you're just flying straight to him, of course he's gonna kill you
17:39 < USM999>| It's not questionable.
17:39 < USM999>| It's ABSOLUTE.
17:39 <@ Ashfire908>| well it's not a hack either
17:39 <@ ReEvolve>| >_>
17:39 < USM999>| "Eyes are useless if the mind is blind."
17:39 <+[HWK]Defter>| anyone want to fall on their sword and join a game with USM999 and reproduce what he sees as impossibru
17:39 <@ Ashfire908>| I'm sorry to inform you but you went up against a good player in dm
17:40 <@ Ashfire908>| and lost
17:40 < USM999>| I can show all the evidence you like but facts are facts.
17:40 <@ ReEvolve>| hey, sounds like fun, Defter
17:40 <+[HWK]Defter>| facts are not facts just because you say they are facts tho
17:40 <@ ReEvolve>| let's do a DM with USM999
17:40 <+ CraftyDus>| only if he promises to follow me around with hack proof of our session for weeks afterwards
17:40 <@ Ashfire908>| high-tier players will seem godlike
17:40 <+[HWK]Defter>| i'm focused on something atm but if anyone wants to go with ReEvolve that would be cool
17:40 < USM999>| This is why I am no longer playing Hawken starting tomorrow.
17:40 <@ Ashfire908>| I recommend watching some vids of high-tier matches or duels
17:40 < USM999>| I pretty much told all of my friends that Hawken is no longer worth playing.
17:41 <@ Ashfire908>| That is your decision.
17:41 < USM999>| It had potential but now...It's proven that all MMOS are the same.
17:41 <+[HWK]Defter>| USM999 would you be open to some people here showing you what you decide is impossible, is actually possible
17:41 <@ Ashfire908>| Also
17:41 <+ CraftyDus>| well that's just , like...your opinion, maaaan
17:41 <@ Ashfire908>| it's not an mmo
17:41 <+[HWK]Defter>| mmos?
17:41 <@ Ashfire908>| please stop calling it that
17:41 <@ Ashfire908>| it's a multiplayer game. that does not make it an mmo
17:41 <@ Ashfire908>| lol
17:41 <@ ReEvolve>| it's a FPS. An arena shooter
17:41 <@ ReEvolve>| lol
17:41 <+ CraftyDus>| nah man
17:41 <+ CraftyDus>| all mmos r the same
17:41 <+[HWK]Defter>| first m in mmo stands for massive, 12 player isn't massive is it?
17:41 < USM999>| I feel betrayed that Hawken is the last MMO I will ever ejoy playing but now it's unplayable.
17:41 <@ Ashfire908>| there's no match persistance
17:41 < Zuurkern>| how is this massive?
17:41 <+shosca> its an arena mech shooter
17:42 < USM999>| The hacker count is going to grow guys.
17:42 <+ CraftyDus>| this mmo is the worst mmo ever
17:42 <@ Ashfire908>| or connected world or anything
17:42 < Zuurkern>| it's a pretty niche game
17:42 <+ ShadowGTR>| hawken == mmo? mind blown :p
17:42 < USM999>| Mass Multiplayer Online
17:42 <+ CraftyDus>| my
17:42 <+ CraftyDus>| sides
17:42 <+[HWK]Defter>| USM999 are you kidding because if you're kidding, and this is a troll attempt i think you take the cake
17:42 <+shosca> USM999: i just finished the vanguard frame by frame and there's nothing wrong there too
17:42 <@ ReEvolve>| Mass Multiplayer? 12 players in a server!
17:42 <+ CraftyDus>| lolololol
17:42 < USM999>| I am NOT trolling.
17:42 <+shosca> i'm not gonna do the rest
17:42 < USM999>| Are you SERIOUS?!
17:42 <+ CraftyDus>| I'm so glad I didn't miss this
17:43 <+[HWK]Defter>| be open with us, USM999
17:43 < USM999>| Read your OWN Wikipedia for once.
17:43 < USM999>|
17:43 <@ Laila>| Title: Hawken (video game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
17:43 < USM999>| LOOK!
17:43 <+[HWK]Defter>| wiki...can be edited by...anyone...
17:43 <@ Ashfire908>| til we own wikipedia
17:43 <+ CraftyDus>| I'm crying
17:43 < USM999>| Hawken is a multiplayer mech combat video game developed by Adhesive Games.
17:43 < USM999>| MMO
17:43 <+ hellc9943>| hmm i should edit this, hawken is a bird simulator actually
17:43 <+shosca>
17:43 <@ Laila>| Title: xkcd: Citogenesis (at
17:43 < USM999>| FPSMMO
17:43 <+[HWK]Defter>| i can change it to say USM999 is good at HAWKEN you will have to beleive me
17:43 < USM999>| RTSMMO
17:43 <@ ReEvolve>| Watch it guys, he's the one with " superior intellect,psychological studies and trend forecasting skills" according to his own posts
17:43 <+ d6chung>| [HWK]Defter: I think this is a troll attempt also.
17:43 <+ CraftyDus>| nah I believe he is sincere
17:44 <+ CraftyDus>| he's not trolling
17:44 <@ Ashfire908>| Massively multiplayer online game, a multiplayer video game which is capable of supporting hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously
17:44 < USM999>| Dude,I am literally on voice chat with my other friends watching this chat.
17:44 <+ CraftyDus>| literally?
17:44 <@ Ashfire908>| hawken has never broken 24
17:44 <+[HWK]Defter>| i am litterally sitting in the studio that makes HAWKEN
17:44 <+shosca> no figuratively
17:44 < USM999>| Even they are taking this seriously.
17:44 <+ CraftyDus>| how many can play simultaneous in that bf4 mmo?
17:44 < emibmw>| every sys has a failure
17:44 <+ CraftyDus>| or that cod mmo?
17:45 < USM999>| I have played over 30+ MMOS
17:45 <+[HWK]Defter>| ask them to get in a server, USM999 and some guys from in here will join you, and show you what is possible without hacks
17:45 <+ CraftyDus>| thats a lot of mmos
17:45 < USM999>| BF2,BF3,BF4, BFBC2.
17:45 <@ ReEvolve>| xD
17:45 <@ ReEvolve>| oh gosh
17:45 <+ CraftyDus>| lolololol
17:45 < USM999>| COD MW 4,5,6
17:45 <+ CraftyDus>| not again
17:45 <@ ReEvolve>| that's all FPS games man
17:45 <+[HWK]Defter>| whoah, i wonder if BF2 knows its an MMO
17:45 < Zuurkern>| Ken's Labyrinth
17:45 <+ CraftyDus>| so fnny rt now
17:45 < USM999>| Combat Arms,etc.
17:45 <@ Ashfire908>| MMOs are shit like WoW, Planetside
17:45 <+[HWK]Defter>| pokemon, mmo for sure
17:46 <@ Ashfire908>| not stuff like CoD or battlefield
17:46 <+[HWK]Defter>| DAOC... WoW...
17:46 < USM999>| Any game
17:46 <+ CraftyDus>| rly ash? have you played OVER 30+
17:46 < USM999>| That has multiplayer players
17:46 < USM999>| And large servers
17:46 <+ CraftyDus>| oh lawd
17:46 <+ CraftyDus>| geebus
17:46 <@ Ashfire908>| define 'large'
17:46 < USM999>| And you PAY for digital content
17:46 < USM999>| Is considered an MMO
17:46 <+[HWK]Defter>| it's not called LMO
17:46 <+[HWK]Defter>| its called MMO
17:46 < USM999>| PERIOD.
17:46 <@ ReEvolve>| USM999: all those things have nothing to do with the definition of MMO
17:46 <+ CraftyDus>| messin round wid dese bootleg fire works
17:47 < USM999>| "A massively multiplayer online game (also called MMO and MMOG) is a multiplayer video game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players simultaneously. By necessity, they are played on the Internet. MMOs usually have at least one persistent world, however some games differ."
17:47 <+ CraftyDus>| I love it
17:47 <@ Ashfire908>| large is 100+
17:47 <@ Ashfire908>| at least
17:47 <+shosca> STAPH
17:47 <+ CraftyDus>| I will fly you to my wedding
17:47 <@ Ashfire908>| sigh
17:47 <+ ShadowGTR>| anybody else want some popcorn?
17:47 < Zuurkern>| yes please
17:47 < Zuurkern>| anything to make this bearable
17:47 <+shosca> ShadowGTR: i already have some :)
17:47 <+[HWK]Defter>| USM999 can you get your voice chat friends in here
17:47 <+ CraftyDus>| you are going to give the best reception spoeech ever
17:47 <+shosca> ShadowGTR: see i was prepared
17:47 <+[HWK]Defter>| we need more people like USM999
17:48 <+foxtrotfire>| gimme some ShadowGTR
17:48 <+[HWK]Defter>| keeping us on our toes
17:48 <@ ReEvolve>| "A massively multiplayer online game (also called MMO and MMOG) is a multiplayer video game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players simultaneously."
17:48 <@ ReEvolve>| Hawken's max amount of players in a server is 24.
17:48 <@ Laila>| Title: Massively multiplayer online game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
17:48 * ShadowGTR hands out some popcorn.
17:48 < USM999>|
17:48 <@ ReEvolve>| "a multiplayer video game which is capable of supporting hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously"
17:48 <+ CraftyDus>| ever once in a great while you will spot a cheater
17:49 <+ CraftyDus>| within a day people will have submitted videos of them to the devs
17:49 <+shosca> TIL that 12 people in a server is MASSIVE
17:49 <+ CraftyDus>| pretty soon they don't play anymore
17:49 <+ ShadowGTR>| those 12 people are the internet
17:49 < USM999>| I'm sorry to say this but people ike Defter ad this community being blind really hurts me.
17:49 <+ CraftyDus>| because they get banned
17:49 < USM999>| It really does.
17:49 <+ CraftyDus>| for cheating
17:49 <@ Ashfire908>| USM999, bro there are cheaters in Hawken. That's not disputed. But you don't really know the difference between aimbots/hackers and skill
17:49 <@ ReEvolve>| ANYWAY, stahp. Let's not talk about symantics all day.
17:50 <@ Ashfire908>| players with hacks have terrible positioning
17:50 <@ Ashfire908>| they rely on the hacks
17:50 < USM999>| There are always hackers in every game.
17:50 <+ CraftyDus>| even the mmos?
17:50 <@ Ashfire908>| it's their crutch
17:50 < USM999>| The problem is the ability to take ACTION against them.
17:50 <@ Ashfire908>| Action is taken against people that are actually hacking
17:50 < USM999>| Diseases and Disease Control
17:50 <+ hellc9943>| revolution action
17:50 <+shosca> USM999: you have no proof in that video dude
17:50 <@ ReEvolve>| USM999, you are absolute convinced that VengefulWhatever is haking, right? It's sad to see that you don't even read the replies on watchever anymore.
17:51 <@ ReEvolve>| *watch2gether
17:51 < USM999>| Dude I have to read conversations on both my monitors.
17:51 <+[HWK]Defter>| anyone have a link to a real hacker to share
17:51 < USM999>| Hard to keep up.
17:51 <@ ReEvolve>| Ok, I'll post it here as well
17:51 <@ Ashfire908>| [HWK]Defter, one moment
17:51 <+[HWK]Defter>| thank you sir, Ashfire908
17:51 <@ Saturnine>| I'd jump in with re to play, if my computer wouldn't turn off in the process. :|
17:51 <@ Ashfire908>| lemme unprivate some
17:52 <+[HWK]Defter>| USM999, Ashfire908 is going to produce a video of actual hacker footage in the wild
17:52 <+ ShadowGTR>| lol
17:52 <+ CraftyDus>| as an ac admin in TPG for years , no single ac admin get's to unilaterally decide there is cheating, a kabal of admins have to have matching times, multiple instances to indisputably issue suspensions
17:52 <@ ReEvolve>| You mentioned that the Vanguard instantly knew where you were after you shot your Hellfires. Do you know that you show up as a red dot on his minimap if you shoot?
17:52 <@ ReEvolve>| USM999 ^
17:52 < USM999>| There are blantant open hackers.
17:52 <+[HWK]Defter>| you will see the certain differences between the species of good players and the species of hackers, they are similar but there are for sure differences
17:52 < USM999>| And there are SUBTLE hackers.
17:52 < USM999>| Also known as closet hackers.
17:52 <@ Ashfire908>| that's true
17:52 <+ CraftyDus>| I'm accustomed to listen to others even when I feel I've timed a damning demo
17:52 < USM999>| They hack and cheat enough NOT to set off any alarms.
17:52 < USM999>| Esepcially in statistics such as KDR.
17:53 <+ CraftyDus>| a kdr stat of what would indicate cheating to you?
17:53 <+[HWK]Defter>| anyone in here who is compedative will tell you that there is a thing called muscle memory, when you play for long enough you get atuned to how people play and it can SEEM hacky but in reality you are just predictable
17:53 <@ Ashfire908>| that's an aimbot I recorded this from spectator mode
17:53 <@ Laila>| Title: Hawken aimbot proof [edited] - YouTube (at
17:54 < USM999>| I feel betrayed man. I am sorry to say this but I really feel betrayed.
17:54 <@ Ashfire908>| "why did you edit it" cause some personal shit was announced from my email
17:54 <+ CraftyDus>| ya invite guys seem to know your inner most thoughts
17:54 <@ ReEvolve>| Hey, so, uhm, USM999. You mentioned that the Vanguard instantly knew where you were after you shot your Hellfires. Do you know that you show up as a red dot on his minimap if you shoot?
17:54 <+ CraftyDus>| but you can too with practice
17:54 < USM999>| Not a single transparent and honest game companies.
17:54 <+[HWK]Defter>| USM999 listen to reason, i asked you in here to show you that your idea of proof is not proof
17:54 < USM999>| I know about the RADAR IDIOT.
17:54 < emibmw>|
17:54 < USM999>| It's in all FPS games.
17:54 <@ Laila>| Title: Hawken Hack Aimbot Cheat SystemCheats net - YouTube (at
17:54 < USM999>| COD does it,BF does it.
17:54 <+ CraftyDus>| add me in game usm999, GAryFlyAndTheGirls
17:55 < USM999>| Even CS:GO does it.
17:55 <+ CraftyDus>| lets play and see if we can spot a hacker
17:55 <+ CraftyDus>| together
17:55 <@ ReEvolve>| SO, why did you complain about him knowing where you were after shooting at him?
17:56 <@ Ashfire908>| This user is speedhacking, and was banned from the game
17:56 <@ Laila>| Title: Hawken - Hacker (?) - YouTube (at
17:56 <@ ReEvolve>| You mentioned a bunch of times that he knew where you were but you were boosting or shooting beforehand.
17:56 -!- bacon_work is now known as bacon_avenger
17:56 <@ Ashfire908>| the previous vid those hackers were banned too
17:56 <+[HWK]Defter>| bacon you have great timing
17:56 < USM999>| If employees like Defter treat their loyal customers like this.
17:56 <+ CraftyDus>| I'll add you and send you an invite to party
17:56 <+[HWK]Defter>| USM999 the people in here are loyal
17:56 < USM999>| Censoring negative posts on both the Hawken forums and hawken steam forums.
17:56 < USM999>| It's not the PEOPLE.
17:57 <@ ReEvolve>| "loyal" => "I don't even get a reward!"
17:57 < USM999>| It's your CUSTOMERS.
17:57 <+ CraftyDus>| added ya bro
17:57 <+ CraftyDus>| lates play
17:57 <@ Ashfire908>| You think we are lying to you?
17:57 < USM999>| Your customers thar are PAYING the bills for this game.
17:57 <+[HWK]Defter>| USM999 you broke a rule so i hid your topic....
17:57 <@ ReEvolve>| Ash, we are all liars.
17:57 <@ Ashfire908>| ReEvolve, I noticed
17:57 <+[HWK]Defter>| loyal = customers = liars = hackers
17:58 -!- mode/#hawkenscrim (+v Profound) by Q
17:58 < USM999>| Even my friends are afraid of coming into the chat.
17:58 < USM999>| Or posting on the forums.
17:58 < USM999>| Because you will BAN them for speaking out against the company.
17:58 <@ Ashfire908>| look
17:58 <@ Saturnine>| There's no reason to be afraid of any such thing, unless you're breaking the rules
17:58 <@ Ashfire908>| you are deluding yourself
17:58 <@ ReEvolve>| Hey, don't forget that USM999 is the guy with "superior intellect, psychological studies and trend forecasting skills" according to his own posts
17:58 <@ Saturnine>| Do you have any idea how many people speak against the company every day?
17:59 <@ Ashfire908>| the second your post went down
17:59 <@ Ashfire908>| you went searching for ANY instances of 'censorship'
17:59 <@ Saturnine>| Some of the most prolific posters on the forums speak against the company openly in almost every one of their posts.
17:59 <@ ReEvolve>| USM999: you weren't banned so why would your friends get banned?
17:59 <+ CraftyDus>| I actually started speaking out against people speaking out
17:59 <@ Ashfire908>| trying to back up your arguement of some pervesave problem
17:59 <+ CraftyDus>| someone called me outspoken
17:59 -!- bacon_avenger is now known as bacon_work
17:59 <@ Ashfire908>| You don't want to admit to yourself that you may be wrong
18:00 <@ Ashfire908>| how could you be wrong
18:00 <+ CraftyDus>| he cant be
18:00 <@ Ashfire908>| ergo you try to reenforce that you are right
18:00 <@ ReEvolve>| He can't be wrong. Everyone must be lying.
18:00 <+ CraftyDus>| that's the condition fellow doctor
18:00 <@ Ashfire908>| this is basic human nature
18:00 <@ Ashfire908>| no one wants to be wrong
18:00 <@ ReEvolve>| He's clearly the most knowledgable
18:00 <@ Ashfire908>| but I'm sorry to say in this case you are wrong.
18:00 <+ CraftyDus>| yiuo arent sorry
18:00 <+ ShadowGTR>| the prescription is more cowbell
18:00 <+ CraftyDus>| lol
18:01 <+shosca> ShadowGTR: enjoying that popcorn?
18:01 <@ ReEvolve>| He knows the game better than the people with a couple hundred hours and competitive league experience
18:01 <@ Ashfire908>| ...I think he left
18:01 <+ShadowGTR> shosca: yes i am
18:01 < USM999>| I am still here.
18:01 <@ Ashfire908>| oh ok
18:01 <+ CraftyDus>| come play with me
18:01 <@ Saturnine>| We all acknowledge that hackers exist, dude, but we're trying to say that the person you are claiming to be a hacker shows none of the signs, to us, of being a hacker
18:01 <+ CraftyDus>| I'm in game now
18:01 <+ bacon_work>| [HWK]Defter: My desktop machine decided that moment to put it's fingers in it's ears and say lalala-I-can't-hear-you :P
18:01 <@ Ashfire908>| it lags sometimes when people close the page and tells us they left lioke 5 mins later
18:01 < USM999>| Problem is there is no point with arguing with people that cannot read nor listen.
18:01 < USM999>|
18:01 <+ CraftyDus>| this is very interesting but its eating into my gametime
18:01 <@ Laila>| Title: DICE tries to silence Battlefield 4 critics on official forums (at
18:02 <+shosca> USM999: it is YOU who is not listening dude
18:02 < USM999>| I got banned from the Battlefield forums for speaking negatively about BF4.
18:02 <+ CraftyDus>| you know a player named Sibberus USM999?
18:02 < USM999>| I listen but I do not OBEY.
18:02 <@ Ashfire908>| are you banned from the hawken forums?
18:02 <@ Saturnine>| There are plenty of critics on the hawken forums who haven't been banned
18:02 < USM999>| Huge difference kids.
18:02 <@ Saturnine>| Including you
18:02 <+shosca> stf does that even mean?
18:02 <@ Ashfire908>| 'kids'
18:02 <@ Ashfire908>| how old are you
18:02 <@ ReEvolve>| He thinks he's better than everyone. :)
18:02 <@ Saturnine>| Your one thread was deleted because it was specifically breaking a rule
18:02 <+ bacon_work>| If anyone was going to be banned for speaking out against ADH and Hawken, AJK would have been booted long ago :P
18:02 <+ bacon_work>| Just saying
18:03 <@ Saturnine>| You can post and speak against the devs all you want, so long as you don't break a rule.
18:03 <@ Saturnine>| There are plenty of people who take advantage of the situation and do exactly that.
18:03 <@ Ashfire908>| if you think we are all 12 year olds on the internet you are wrong
18:03 < USM999>| I don't think. I am AWARE.
18:03 <@ Saturnine>| wat
18:03 <+ ShadowGTR>| ?
18:03 <+shosca> again, wtf does that even mean?
18:04 <+ CraftyDus>| are you AWARE I'm trying to get a game in with you?
18:04 <@ Saturnine>| Oh no, he saw me on stream and noticed I look like I'm 12
18:04 <@ Ashfire908>| lol s9
18:04 <+ ShadowGTR>| lol
18:04 <@ ReEvolve>| Woah, guys, his superior intellect is showing!
18:04 < USM999>| Do you think you can lift 100 pounds or do you KNOW you can lift 100 pounds?
18:04 <@ Ashfire908>| dat baby face
18:04 <@ Ashfire908>| did you legit just ask how much can we lift
18:04 <+ ShadowGTR>| he just pulled out the "do you even lift"
18:04 < USM999>| Difference between speculation and AWARENESS.
18:04 <@ ReEvolve>| xD
18:04 < USM999>| No you idiot.
18:04 <+shosca> i think you have horrible aim and dont know when/how to dodge
18:05 <+ CraftyDus>| I actually do workout between hawken tdms
18:05 <@ Saturnine>| Do you think anyone thousands of miles from you has an age that you have arbitrarily decided they have, or are you just aware of that beforehand?
18:05 <@ Ashfire908>| Why am I an idiot
18:05 < USM999>| If I said that you can solve a puzzle or fix a car.
18:05 <+ CraftyDus>| its like part of my routine
18:05 <@ ReEvolve>| Whoa, no insults, please.
18:05 < USM999>| Do you think or do you KNOW?
18:05 <+ CraftyDus>| I do the 300
18:05 <@ Saturnine>| I don't KNOW what you are!
18:05 <+ CraftyDus>| and play hawken
18:05 <@ Saturnine>| You could be male or female or 10 or 50
18:05 <@ Saturnine>| I don't know
18:05 <@ Saturnine>| I get to trust you based on what you say
18:05 <+[HWK]Defter>| i'm pretty sure i can lift 100 pounds because i do it very often, but then again i don't know that i have ever proved that the 100lbs i think i am lifting is actually 100lbs...then again i would have to verify my scale...and then verify the verification method
18:05 <+ CraftyDus>| he's a bro
18:05 < USM999>| Like I said before.
18:05 <+ CraftyDus>| watched his yt vids
18:05 < USM999>| Know your capabilities.
18:06 < USM999>| And remove any doubt.
18:06 <@ Saturnine>| We all know what age we are ourselves, but none of us claim to know the same about anyone else, dude.
18:06 <@ Ashfire908>| USM999, do you know your capabilities to know hacks when you see them in Hawken?
18:06 < USM999>| Yessss
18:06 <@ Ashfire908>| Have you held a position to actually decide if someone is or isn't?
18:07 < USM999>| Let me make it easier for you.
18:07 < USM999>| I have used hacks before in FPS games.
18:07 <@ Ashfire908>| So have I
18:07 < USM999>| I know when someone is cheating when you have cheated before.
18:08 < USM999>| It's a matter of experience and perspective.
18:08 < USM999>| A doctor can identify another doctor.
18:08 <+shosca> USM999: i don't care if you did, show us the evidence, you're just speculating
18:08 <@ Ashfire908>| wow lol
18:08 <@ ReEvolve>| USM999: How much experience do you have with Hawken then?
18:08 < USM999>| I literally was going to make a Hawken video series.
18:08 < USM999>| Like how I did in Battlefield Heroes.
18:08 < USM999>| This is my BFH channel
18:09 <@ Saturnine>| As a person with a bachelors degree, I am physically and mentally incapable of just knowing whether or not someone else has a degree based upon looking at them.
18:09 <@ Saturnine>| Much less from across the internet.
18:09 <+ CraftyDus>| but are you AWARE
18:09 <+shosca> lol
18:09 < USM999>|
18:09 <@ ReEvolve>| hehehe
18:09 <@ Laila>| Title: The Under Network - BFH - YouTube (at
18:09 < USM999>| It is called "critical thinking".
18:09 <@ Saturnine>| I could ask them, and they could tell me, but even then I can't know for sure unless I see the diploma.
18:09 <+ hellc9943>| i can look at people just by looking at them
18:09 <+shosca> CraftyDus: dont forget that you don't OBEY
18:09 < USM999>| Thinking beyond normal means.
18:09 <@ ReEvolve>| lol, that guy advertises his channel inbetween
18:10 < USM999>| I was planning on supporting Hawken in the past.
18:10 <@ Saturnine>| Alright, I work a job currently that means I see many people a day.
18:10 <@ Ashfire908>| USM999, I'm sorry to tell you but your channel or influance will not make or break hawken
18:10 < USM999>| And making a Youtube channel of all the weapons and mechs.
18:10 <@ Saturnine>| I can critically look at them, and in fact, I have to, because I have to remember each and every person and be able to give an effective description of them to someone else if necessary.
18:10 <@ Saturnine>| I do not discern their diploma-havingness in this process
18:10 <@ Ashfire908>| that's the harsh truth
18:11 < USM999>| I can assure you that your customers and your POTENTIAL customers will make that decicion with their WALLETS.
18:11 <@ Ashfire908>| USM999, then go do so
18:11 <+ CraftyDus>| I keep deciding to buy cool looking shit for my mechs/accounts
18:11 <@ Saturnine>| Man, what's with all the new people suddenly visiting for the first time today?
18:11 <@ Ashfire908>| I don't think there's any way either of us will change our minds in this situation
18:11 -!- mode/#hawkenscrim (+v [HWK]HUGHES) by Ashfire908
18:12 <+ ShadowGTR>| Saturnine: they could smell the popcorn :p
18:12 <+ bacon_work>| Heya hughes \o
18:12 <@ Saturnine>| That wasn't meant to be a 'go away' to him. :(
18:12 < USM999>| Like in the developement of the Berling wall.
18:12 < USM999>| People decided to vote with their feet and headed WEST.
18:12 <@ Ashfire908>| uhm
18:12 <@ Saturnine>| uh
18:12 <+shosca> more nonsense
18:12 <@ Ashfire908>| you are deluded
18:12 <+ hellc9943>| this is getting better
18:12 <+ ShadowGTR>| o.o
18:12 <@ Ashfire908>| just saying
18:13 < USM999>| Brush up on history you IDIOTS.
18:13 <@ Ashfire908>| you should chill out
18:13 <@ ReEvolve>|
18:13 <+ CraftyDus>| in the history of hawken, you are an original sir
18:13 < USM999>| The Berling Wall started the COLD WAR conflict.
18:13 <+ CraftyDus>| don't ever change
18:13 < USM999>| Capitalist vs Communism.
18:13 <+ CraftyDus>| * shhh pushes finger to his lips
18:13 <+ CraftyDus>| dont
18:13 <+ CraftyDus>| ever
18:13 <+ CraftyDus>| change
18:13 <+ hellc9943>| ick bin ein berlinger!
18:13 <+shosca> and this has got to do with vengeful hacking how?
18:13 <@ ReEvolve>| Uh, yeah, we are talking about Hawken, mate. How did you end up talking about the cold war?
18:14 <+ CraftyDus>| because theres the digress to hitler in arguement constant
18:14 < USM999>| It is an example.
18:14 <@ ReEvolve>| oh wait, superior intellect and stuff
18:14 <+ CraftyDus>| where we are headed
18:15 -!- USM999 was kicked from #hawkenscrim by Ashfire908 (You are either a massive troll or a massively clueless. Anything else here will just be personal attacks towards you or personal attacks towards us. This is not a ban. You are free to return. However I recommend you cool off first and come back to your senses.)
18:15 <+ CraftyDus>| but we are stopping for a quick interlude in the cold war
18:15 <+ ShadowGTR>| I just checked. there is no "Berling" wall. There is a Berlin Wall though :p
18:15 <@ ReEvolve>| Aw, Ashfire908
18:15 <@ ReEvolve>| T_T
18:15 <+[HWK]Defter>| reminds me of when i would get called a hacker for hitting people in the face with a usp in counterstrike :(
18:15 <+shosca> ShadowGTR: lol
18:15 <@ ReEvolve>| meanie
18:15 <+ CraftyDus>| softy
18:15 <+ ShadowGTR>| wow, just wow
18:15 <+ bacon_work>| someone please tell me this was logged and will be posted on pastebin or soemthing... :P
18:15 <+shosca> remember 'kids', be AWARE and dont OEBY, also NAZIS
18:15 <@ Ashfire908>| I'll pastebin it
18:15 <+[HWK]Defter>| i guess that's what roids do to your brain
18:16 <+ ShadowGTR>| lol
18:16 <+ hellc9943>| so if people stop paying for hawken, the devs will build a wall so nobody can leave. i like that idea
18:16 <+[HWK]Defter>| hahaha
18:16 <+ ShadowGTR>| genius!
18:16 <+ hellc9943>| make it all blue and shiny
18:16 <@ ReEvolve>| NAzis? Ne, so läuft das hier net! Nazis haben hier nix zu suchen!
18:16 <@ Saturnine>| I know from my history classes that the berlin wall was really a massive experiment in democracy. Didn't want to be trapped in a city, slowly starving, and unable to see friends or family put on the other side of an arbitrary wall? Good thing you can just vote with your feet and go to the other side.
18:16 <@ ReEvolve>| Raus!
18:16 <@ ReEvolve>| :P
18:17 <+shosca> i gotta admit i'm thoroghly entertained
18:17 <+ CraftyDus>| this is our guy in the dod community
18:17 <+ CraftyDus>|
18:17 <@ Laila>| Title: Day of Defeat Fragmart SquadLeader - YouTube (at
18:17 <+ CraftyDus>| hes our version of hawkens usm999
18:17 <+ CraftyDus>| and we love it
18:18 <@ ReEvolve>| HAWKEN holds you hostage until you starve:
18:18 <@ ReEvolve>| never forget
18:18 <+[HWK]Defter>| maybe this is how he gets followers on his youtube channel
18:18 <+ bacon_work>| should be interesting to see what he says after the boot
18:18 <@ ReEvolve>| this is certainly a way to get some views lol
18:18 < emibmw>| Im taking screenshots
18:18 <@ Ashfire908>|
18:18 < emibmw>| keep talking
18:19 <@ ReEvolve>| cooled off?
18:19 < USM999>| Oh thank you so much for the customer support.
18:19 <+[HWK]Defter>| emibmw are you a spy
18:19 <@ Ashfire908>| This is a community run channel
18:19 <@ Ashfire908>| this is not official support.
18:19 < emibmw>| yes sir , with all respect
18:19 < USM999>| You guys do such an EXCELLENT job at taking care of your customers.
18:19 <@ ReEvolve>| lol, USM999, devs have no power here
18:19 <+[HWK]Defter>| glad you'
18:19 <+[HWK]Defter>| are here emibmw
18:19 <+ CraftyDus>| I officially support this channel
18:19 <@ Ashfire908>| emibmw, keep the log I posted
18:19 <+ hellc9943>| hey at least nobody has built are wall to keep you in this channel
18:20 <@ ReEvolve>| emibmw:
18:20 <@ Laila>| Title: IRC log from August 7th, 2014 - Chat session w/ USM999 (at
18:20 < emibmw>| ok thank you Ashfire908
18:20 <+ CraftyDus>| usm999 come play with me in game
18:20 <+ CraftyDus>| Im on now
18:20 <@ Ashfire908>| it has the ips removed
18:20 < USM999>| Anyone that represents a company in anyway is a reflection of their business ethics.
18:20 <@ Ashfire908>| so it's safe in that respect
18:20 <@ ReEvolve>| yeah, USM999, let's play some
18:20 < USM999>| Do not judge a man by his appeareance but by the fruits of his labor.
18:21 < USM999>| I am sick and done with this game.
18:21 < USM999>| It is over.
18:21 <@ Ashfire908>| Ok.
18:21 <+shosca> great, more nonsense
18:21 <@ ReEvolve>| T_T
18:21 <+ hellc9943>| how long have you been playing USM999?
18:21 <@ ReEvolve>| no
18:21 <@ ReEvolve>| don't leave us
18:21 <@ ReEvolve>| we need your wisdom
18:21 < USM999>| Almost 1 year.
18:21 <@ ReEvolve>| you were away for 4 months
18:21 <@ ReEvolve>| that's what you posted right?
18:22 <+ bacon_work>| How long has vengful been playing, have any stats?
18:22 <@ Ashfire908>| He has played in a match for 148723 sections
18:22 < emibmw>| is there a way to keep an eye on "vegeful"?
18:22 <@ Ashfire908>| *seconds
18:22 <@ Saturnine>| Yeah
18:22 <@ Saturnine>| We can pay extra attention if any of us are in game.
18:22 <@ ReEvolve>| Ash, format, plz
18:22 <@ Saturnine>| with him
18:22 <@ Ashfire908>| ReEvolve, lazy
18:22 <+ CraftyDus>| I feel like I'm being scolded by a mad prophet
18:22 <@ ReEvolve>| super lazy
18:22 <+shosca> about 40 hours?
18:22 <+[HWK]Defter>| 148723 = 41.3119 hours
18:23 <@ Ashfire908>| 41 hours
18:23 <@ ReEvolve>| lol, so USM999 played for 4 hours in total and didn't play at all during the last 4 months.
18:23 <@ ReEvolve>| *41
18:23 <@ Ashfire908>| 4 lol
18:23 < USM999>| BULL
18:23 <@ Ashfire908>| nice typo
18:23 < USM999>| My steam says 81+ hours.
18:24 <@ Ashfire908>| that includes 'client open' and the time in between matches
18:24 <+[HWK]Defter>| mine says 678 hours sooo
18:24 <@ Ashfire908>| your account only has 41 hours on record
18:24 <@ Saturnine>| Yours only counts time in matches, right ash?
18:24 <@ Ashfire908>| yeah
18:24 < USM999>| It doesn't count for other game modes.
18:24 <@ Ashfire908>| USM999, you can verify this stat in game
18:24 <@ Ashfire908>| on your in game profile
18:24 < USM999>| Only game modes with people.
18:24 <+shosca> Ashfire908: how about vengeful? how long?
18:24 < USM999>| And gametime is pointless
18:25 <+[HWK]Defter>| i'm curious about other people in here
18:25 <@ Saturnine>| Waaaittt
18:25 <@ Ashfire908>| 852985
18:25 < USM999>| Because all you have to do is leave your compter AFK.
18:25 <@ Saturnine>| And you get kicked after a minute
18:25 <@ Saturnine>| because of the auto kick
18:25 < USM999>| Nope
18:25 < USM999>| Not with special commands
18:25 <+shosca> thats about 240 hours
18:25 <@ Saturnine>| You can do the same with the actual steam stat
18:25 <@ Ashfire908>| VengefulMech has played for 236 hours
18:25 <@ Saturnine>| Even more easily
18:25 <@ ReEvolve>| yeah, gametime is pointless, that's why Ashfire posted your match time (41 hours)
18:25 < USM999>| Any basic C++ script can do it.
18:25 < USM999>| I'm a level 30.
18:25 <+[HWK]Defter>| for the lazy, that's 9.833 days of ingame time
18:25 <+ hellc9943>| i found gameplay vids of that vengeful guy on youtube btw
18:26 <+ hellc9943>|
18:26 <@ Laila>| Title: EnglishMuffinGaming - YouTube (at
18:26 <+ CraftyDus>| reality is limited only by his imagination
18:26 < USM999>| I have almost every mech unlocked.
18:26 <@ Ashfire908>| A lot of people are level 30
18:26 <+ CraftyDus>| there is no winning
18:26 <@ Ashfire908>| almost everyone is level 30
18:26 <@ Saturnine>| I've been level 30 since 2012
18:26 <@ Saturnine>| I got to level 30 in alpha
18:26 <+ CraftyDus>| Im so level 30
18:26 <@ Saturnine>| it takes very little time
18:26 <@ Saturnine>| Actually, 25 in alpha
18:26 * bacon_work aols
18:26 <@ Saturnine>| there was no 30 back then
18:26 <@ ReEvolve>| USM999: how many mechs do you have?
18:26 <+[HWK]Defter>| bacon don't aol
18:26 * bacon_work feels dirty
18:26 < emibmw>| is with, is not him
18:27 <@ Ashfire908>| He has 11 mechs
18:27 <@ ReEvolve>| hehehe
18:27 <+[HWK]Defter>| oo oo how many mechs does Xacius have
18:27 <+shosca>
18:27 <@ Laila>| Title: Hawken Gameplay W/ TheVengefulSoul and Hawkeye! - YouTube (at
18:28 <@ Ashfire908>| that's not fair defter
18:28 <@ ReEvolve>| "11 of 18" => " almost every mech"
18:28 <+[HWK]Defter>| why, Xacius is famous
18:28 <@ Ashfire908>| cause xacius has those techs from the code
18:28 <@ Ashfire908>| so it's a lot
18:28 <+[HWK]Defter>| but for science how many
18:28 <@ ReEvolve>| don't count the techs then
18:28 < USM999>| I spent most of my points improving my mechs.
18:28 < USM999>| Instead of buying them all.
18:28 < USM999>| Quality over quantity.
18:28 <@ Saturnine>| I didn't buy any of my mechs, have them all
18:28 < telabar>| Can someone help me please
18:29 <@ Saturnine>| What's up telabar?
18:29 <+[HWK]Defter>| Hi telabar
18:29 < telabar>| can you sell your mech's or trade them in
18:29 <+[HWK]Defter>| we're here to help, what's going on?
18:29 <@ ReEvolve>| telabar: nope
18:29 <@ Saturnine>| Nope. :(
18:29 <+[HWK]Defter>| currently, no, there is no way to sell or trade mechs
18:29 <+ bacon_work>| telabar, well, not yet anyway
18:29 <@ Saturnine>| Wahey, vengeful played with someone named warpig123, heh
18:29 <+[HWK]Defter>| which did you not like and which did you want instead?
18:30 <@ Saturnine>| It is something that's on the menu for future features though
18:30 <+ CraftyDus>| pilot level 29 unlocked
18:30 <+ CraftyDus>| don't all applaud at once
18:30 < telabar>| okay cool
18:30 <+ hellc9943>| vengeful sounds a bit like a robot...
18:30 <@ Ashfire908>| Xacius' mechs
18:30 <@ Saturnine>| Wait
18:30 <@ Saturnine>| don't leave
18:30 <+[HWK]Defter>| telabar i have abilities to manually do this if you open a support ticket or ask here
18:30 <@ Saturnine>| Defter is a developer, he might still be able to help you
18:31 < telabar>| ok
18:31 <+ CraftyDus>| 20 holo emote pucks
18:31 <+ CraftyDus>| and 30 consumable charges
18:31 <+ CraftyDus>| love leveling up
18:31 <+ bacon_work>| lol, ode to mexi
18:31 <+ CraftyDus>| moooaaaar levels
18:31 <@ Saturnine>| Xacius hasn't leveled up more than 1 brawler? What a noob.
18:31 <@ Saturnine>| (/hasn't played more than one brawler)
18:32 <+ CraftyDus>| he should jus tuninstall if he's onll getting one
18:32 <+[HWK]Defter>| i think i artifially leveled all my mechs *cough*
18:32 <+ CraftyDus>| scanalous
18:32 <+ ShadowGTR>| hax
18:32 <+[HWK]Defter>| not hax, dev
18:32 <@ Saturnine>| devhax
18:32 <+[HWK]Defter>| hdeaxv
18:32 <+ ShadowGTR>| [HWK]Defter: I know, jk
18:32 <+shosca> DEVHAX CONFIRMED
18:33 <@ Saturnine>| /defter got to level 30 with the boss brawler
18:33 <+[HWK]Defter>| i think i deleted boss off my account
18:33 <@ Saturnine>| :o
18:33 <+[HWK]Defter>| too many people got angry when i accidently played it
18:33 <@ Saturnine>| Deleting such a beautiful creature
18:33 < telabar>| how you get a support ticket
18:33 <+[HWK]Defter>| "accidently"
18:33 <+foxtrotfire>| ETA on mega boss brawler skin?
18:33 <@ Ashfire908>| [HWK]Defter, it's still there
18:33 <+[HWK]Defter>| telabar just ask me here, what do you need
18:34 <+[HWK]Defter>| foxtrotfire i bet you can guess the answer but i'll give you two chances
18:34 * bacon_work wants that boss chassis for his brawler
18:34 <@ Saturnine>| imminent?
18:34 <+ ShadowGTR>| soon(thm)
18:34 <+ ShadowGTR>| (tm)
18:34 <+foxtrotfire>| Soon Or Otherwise Nevr
18:34 <+foxtrotfire>| never*
18:34 <+[HWK]Defter>| atleast one of those four responses is accurate
18:34 <+ ShadowGTR>| :O
18:35 < telabar>| Well like to get better money to up grade been playing alot to get it and my brawler is so weak right now just got it
18:35 <+ bacon_work>| Umm, the mechs don't 'get better' as they level
18:35 <+foxtrotfire>| give boss skins to all beta players when hawken is officially released :P
18:35 <+[HWK]Defter>| k
18:36 <+ ShadowGTR>| what foxtrotfire said :p
18:36 < telabar>| is there any combats that helps you get up there faster
18:36 <@ Saturnine>| psh, make it alpha players and we have a deal
18:36 <+ ShadowGTR>| Saturnine: >:C
18:36 <+ ShadowGTR>| lol
18:37 <@ Saturnine>| Siege and deathmatch can both be good ways to get experience and credits
18:37 <@ Saturnine>| But there's no singular best way
18:37 <@ Saturnine>| though siege might be the easiest
18:37 <@ ThirdEyE>| xp boost
18:37 <@ Saturnine>| that too
18:37 <@ ReEvolve>| telabar: you can optimise your HC gain if you play different game modes every now and then to get some of the "daily win bonuses"
18:37 <+ ShadowGTR>| id recommend siege
18:38 <+[HWK]Defter>| telabar i sent you a message
18:38 < telabar>| Sege is fun and takes longer in game to end so that may help like you said
18:38 <+ bacon_work>| wb USM999
18:39 < USM999>| SHOVE IT
18:39 < Telabar>| where at my mail
18:39 <+[HWK]Defter>| pop shove it like the skateboard trick
18:39 * bacon_work blinks
18:39 <+ bacon_work>| Excuse me?
18:39 <+[HWK]Defter>| Telabar
18:39 < Zuurkern>| yea T-Grave and I don't play very often and usually just try to score up every game mode's daily win
18:39 < USM999>| I hate all game communities now.
18:39 < Telabar>| yes
18:39 < Zuurkern>| it's ok we always apologize for leaving
18:39 <+[HWK]Defter>| you should see my name blinking red at the top
18:39 <+[HWK]Defter>| of this window
18:39 <+[HWK]Defter>| click that
18:40 <+ hellc9943>| don't! it's a trap!
18:40 <+[HWK]Defter>| cmon hellc9943 im tryin to help
18:41 <+ hellc9943>| scnr
18:41 <@ Saturnine>| oh, btw, welcome to the itc Zuurkern and T-Grave, since it wasn't said earlier, and I don't think I've seen you before. What made you jump in?
18:41 <@ Saturnine>| *irc
18:42 < T-Grave>| uuuhm
18:42 < Zuurkern>| boredom? :p and checking wether this was still alive
18:42 < Zuurkern>| glad to find out it is
18:42 < T-Grave>| Yeah :D thanks for the welcome !
18:42 <@ ReEvolve>| IRC will never die. It will... idle.
18:43 < Zuurkern>| haha
18:43 <+ ShadowGTR>| sounds about right
18:43 <@ Saturnine>| Yeah, get an irc client that lets you idle all the time and you get the best of being there when it's active, without always having to have something there to keep track
18:44 < irish_00>| yo, dudas
18:44 <+ ShadowGTR>| hey
18:44 <@ ReEvolve>| IRISH
18:44 <+[HWK]Defter>| wuzuhp
18:44 < irish_00>| any good news about the game lately?
18:44 <@ ReEvolve>| you are alive?
18:44 <@ ReEvolve>| lol
18:44 < Zuurkern>| it's still fun as hell!
18:44 <@ ReEvolve>| haven't seen you in a long time
18:44 < irish_00>| I am, thanks
18:44 < irish_00>| cuz I could not stay
18:45 < irish_00>| watched some of my pre-steam stream records, nearly cried of nostalgia :P
18:46 < irish_00>| but website only tells about test drives, so I came here
18:47 < irish_00>| I guess I see?
18:47 < irish_00>| Kappa
18:48 <+ ShadowGTR>| well, irish_00, nothing really new in terms of news. hopefully we will hear some news before too long
18:49 < irish_00>| olrite, thanks then, Shadow
18:49 < irish_00>| take care, dudas
18:49 <@ ReEvolve>| a ot of things changed in the recent patches but nothing big has happened lately
18:49 < irish_00>| hmmm
18:49 < irish_00>| lot of things like?
18:49 <@ ReEvolve>| wait a sec I posted the changes somewhere
18:49 < irish_00>| I havent seen any patch notes @ website
18:49 <@ ReEvolve>| I'll post a linmk
18:50 < irish_00>| sure, thnx
18:50 < USM999>| I swear...
18:50 <+[HWK]Defter>| sup USM999
18:50 < Zuurkern>| recent patches? are there any except for like may and june?
18:50 <@ ReEvolve>| irish_00:
18:50 <@ Laila>| Title: IM BACK so whats new? - General Discussion - HAWKEN Forums - Multiplayer Mech Combat - Hawken: War is A Machine (at
18:50 < USM999>| This is the reason why I just want to throw my video games in the trash.
18:50 < Zuurkern>| maybe july too I could be wrong
18:51 < USM999>| So ashamed of considering mself as a gamer anymore because of how horrible the game culture is in general.
18:51 -!- mode/#hawkenscrim (+v ShadowGTR_) by Q
18:51 < irish_00>| ^
18:51 <@ ReEvolve>| irish_00: it doesn't cover the june/july patches though
18:51 < Zuurkern>| thanks ReEvolve, nice thread
18:51 < USM999>| Apparently intelligence and gaming cannot simply exist in the same scope.
18:51 < irish_00>| USM I just cant really play nearly anything
18:51 <@ ReEvolve>| USM999: apparently you seek lots of attention. Still sulking?
18:52 < Zuurkern>| my thoughts exactly
18:52 < T-Grave>| take a chill pill
18:52 < Zuurkern>| SOOOO.... what are you all drinking, guys?
18:52 <+ CraftyDus>| game culture is what you as a gamer make it to be
18:52 < USM999>| It is called contemplation.
18:52 < Zuurkern>| *subtly changes subject*
18:52 < Zuurkern>| ahh, come on
18:52 < Zuurkern>| yeah ok, you're entitled to that I guess. maybe not out loud though :)
18:52 <+ CraftyDus>| we're all in this together fellow gamerbro
18:52 < USM999>| Speaking in thought but with people.
18:52 < irish_00>| alright, ReEvolve, pretty much know it all, thnx
18:53 <@ ReEvolve>| will drink some beer in a minute :)
18:53 < Zuurkern>| wine for T-Grave and me! only because we're out of whiskey
18:53 < Zuurkern>| whisky* my god
18:53 < T-Grave>| Drink and drive folks!
18:53 <@ ReEvolve>| Drink and drive mechs? lol
18:53 < T-Grave>| Only in hawken ofc *disclaimer*
18:54 <@ ReEvolve>| heh :D
18:54 < Zuurkern>| always
18:54 <@ Saturnine>| Ah! What whisky do you drink?
18:54 <@ ThirdEyE>| just picked up some 12 year rye whisky for camping this weekend :D
18:54 <@ Saturnine>| (Also, whiskey is also correct, just describes something very slightly different from whisky)
18:55 < Zuurkern>| yeah we drink scotch, no irish so that's what I meant
18:55 <@ Saturnine>| niiiice
18:55 <@ Saturnine>| It's expensive, but so worth it
18:55 < Zuurkern>| indeed
18:55 < Zuurkern>| pic coming up
18:55 <+ CraftyDus>| camping 3rd
18:55 <+ CraftyDus>| arent you afraid
18:56 <+ CraftyDus>| because of the implications
18:56 <@ Saturnine>| Did he ever get to the pm defter?
18:56 < irish_00>| coughs - cheers
18:56 <@ ThirdEyE>| ?
18:56 < Zuurkern>| I'm curious about the implications as well now
18:56 <+ CraftyDus>| its always sunny in philly segmen t
18:56 <+ CraftyDus>| they get a boat and take dates ou ton it
18:57 <+ CraftyDus>| sure thing
18:57 <+ CraftyDus>| because of the implications
18:57 <+[HWK]Defter>| yep i helped him
18:57 <@ ThirdEyE>| i remember but what does that have to do with camping lol
18:57 <+ CraftyDus>| in my mind back at that moment
18:57 <+ CraftyDus>| they were indistiguishable
18:57 <@ ThirdEyE>| lol
18:57 <@ ThirdEyE>| fair enough
18:59 < T-Grave>| Our cockpits:
18:59 < T-Grave>| Whisky shelves <3
18:59 < T-Grave>| Mostly glenlivets on there
18:59 <@ Saturnine>| Oh jeeze
19:00 <@ Saturnine>| Every time I see a picture like this I am always reminded of how little whisky I have
19:00 < Zuurkern>| Glenlivet 18, Glenlivet Nadurra, Lagavulin 16, Glenlivet Master Distiller's Reserve, Gleniffidh 12, Glen Deveron 10, Cragganmore 12, and highland Park 12 on my shelf
19:00 < Zuurkern>| hahah
19:00 <+ ShadowGTR_>| nice lighting
19:00 < T-Grave>| IKEA ftw
19:00 < Zuurkern>| :p
19:00 -!- ShadowGTR_ is now known as ShadowGTR
19:00 < Zuurkern>| we threw away a lot of the lesser whisky bottles
19:00 < T-Grave>| Also because they were empty
19:01 < T-Grave>| All of these still have at least a single left in them
19:01 < Zuurkern>| :( a recurring problem, sadly.
19:01 < Zuurkern>| I'm gonna have to leave you guys now, sorry if we rekindled drinking addictions in anyone here
19:02 < Zuurkern>| I'll be back <3
19:02 <@ ThirdEyE>| cya :)
19:02 < T-Grave>| My gf is from Scotland actually, we tend to visit her family in the UK a lot (we live in Belgium), Duty Free shop, hole in my wallet, every - fuzzy bunny - time
19:03 < T-Grave>| Alright, I'm off too guys, nice talking to you all, have a good night (1AM over here)
19:04 <@ ReEvolve>| it's 1 AM over here too. >_>
19:04 * ReEvolve is thinking about going to bed...
19:04 <@ ReEvolve>| nah
19:05 <@ Ashfire908>| ReEvolve, is your quassel ping randomly spiking or ?
19:05 <@ Ashfire908>| /paranoid sysadmin
19:05 <@ ReEvolve>| yeah... kinda... 48 ms
19:06 <@ Ashfire908>| fyi for whatever reason quassel does not use roundtrip time
19:06 <@ Ashfire908>| so it's 2x that
19:07 <@ Ashfire908>| server's in New Jersey so 94ms to the east coast from Germany
19:08 <+ CraftyDus>| predator eletist unlocked
19:08 <+ CraftyDus>| my mom would be proud
19:09 <@ ThirdEyE>| got my 300 kills with g2 raider the other day
19:09 <@ ThirdEyE>| first acheivment in a while lol
19:10 <+ CraftyDus>| those achieves are addictive
19:10 <+ CraftyDus>| need crazy ones for deep deep time in
19:11 <@ ThirdEyE>| think there are a few of those
19:11 <@ ReEvolve>| USM999 is playing Hawken atm lol
19:12 <+[HWK]Defter>| gud
19:13 <+shosca> he's secretly klown
19:13 <@ Ashfire908>| lol
19:13 <@ ReEvolve>| nah, klwon didn't know so many long words
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