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import numpy as np
from numpy.lib.stride_tricks import as_strided
def broadcast_to(array, shape):
"""Expand a numpy.ndarray to a new shape according to broadcasting rules
array = np.asarray(array)
# will raise ValueError if shapes incompatible
np.nditer((array,), itershape=shape)
strides = ([0] * (len(shape) - array.ndim)
+ [0 if size == 1 else stride
for size, stride
in zip(array.shape, array.strides)])
return as_strided(array, shape=shape, strides=strides)
def broadcast_shape(*args):
return np.nditer(args, flags=['multi_index']).shape
def broadcast_arrays(*args):
shape = broadcast_shape(*args)
return [broadcast_to(array, shape) for array in args]

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@mwiebe mwiebe commented Dec 12, 2014

I think broadcast_to and broadcast_arrays could also be a one-liners:

def broadcast_to(array, shape)
    return np.nditer((array,), flags=['multi_index'], itershape=shape).itviews[0]

def broadcast_arrays(*args):
    return np.nditer(args, flags=['multi_index']).itviews
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