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How to `go get` private repos using SSH key auth instead of password auth.
$ ssh -A vm
$ git config --global url."".insteadOf ""
$ cat ~/.gitconfig
[url ""]
	insteadOf =
$ go get && echo Success!


mkrull commented Jan 21, 2015

This will cause problems with go get -u later on though

anphung commented Jan 22, 2015

$ go get -u workaround:

$ cd $GOPATH/src/ && git pull

shurcooL commented Jan 31, 2015

This will cause problems with go get -u later on though

@mkrull, you are right. That's a change introduced with Go 1.4 (which is after I came up with this solution).

@anphung, an alternative workaround would be to use go get -u -f

The -f flag, valid only when -u is set, forces get -u not to verify that each package has been checked out from the source control repository implied by its import path. This can be useful if the source is a local fork of the original.

I wrote a script called gogetprivate, which first tries go get, and then falls back to git clone. My version on works with bitbucket right now (since that's where my private repos are) but I imagine it could be made to work with github as well.

An alternative to using is to generate a personal access token on your GitHub account, grant it repo access, and then use the following instead:

git config --global url."https://${GITHUB_TOKEN}".insteadOf ""

That should still work with go get -u, and also works with Docker builds (my particular use case, and how I came across your gist).

Thanks @bobziuchkovski that seems like a good alternative 👍

This doesn't currently work on go 1.5.1. none of the config --global options work.

abbviemr commented Sep 4, 2016

Worked just fine for me on go 1.7. Thank you @bobziuchkovski!

Credentials may be stored in the ~/.git-credentials file.

git config --global credential.helper store
echo "https://${GITHUB_TOKEN}" >> ~/.git-credentials

git:// protocol is less secure

git config --global url."".insteadOf git://

akillmer commented Feb 3, 2017

I got a Raspberry Pi that I wanted to go get some private repos with; after trying a few different solutions it was the one suggested by @bobziuchkovski that did the trick -- thank you! (FWIW, using Git 2.11 and Golang 1.7.5 linux/arm)

Thanks @bobziuchkovski , Your solution helped !

dcyou commented Mar 22, 2017

Thanks too @bobziuchkovski

I think @AlexanderPavlenko's solution is much better. Thanks!


git:// protocol is less secure

Sorry, what? Where did you read that?

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