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Learning CSS and HTML with favorite restaurant page
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Favorite Dives</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">
<h1 id="page-title">My Favorite Dive Restaurants</h1>
<p>A list of Sia's favorite dive restaurants around the world.</p>
<article class="restaurant-group">
<img src="">
<h2>Dat Dog</h2>
<h3>Hot dog stand in New Orleans, LA</h3>
<p>Sausages of all kinds!!! Get your sausage or wiener on! Vegetarian and pescatarian dogs also available.</p>
<a href="" target="_blank">Website</a>
<article class="restaurant-group">
<h2>Central Grocery</h2>
<h3>Home of the original Muffaletta</h3>
<p>The classic muffaletta sandwich was invented by this international food market right in the middle of the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA.</p>
<a href="" target="_blank">Yelp Page</a>
<article class="restaurant-group">
<h2>Twelve Mile Limit</h2>
<p>This bar in mid-city New Orleans has excellent cocktails but also some amazing bar food. How can tots be so amazing? Top them off with a BBQ meal for 3.</p>
<a href="" target="_blank">Facebook Page</a>
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