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Swift poem
let us = say(
to: the.beam, of: light,
so: delicate,
that: i.fear(), to: blink(), while: looking().at
if let there: Be<Another<World>> =
.some(world), {
`does`(the: shape.of, its: clouds, look().like, .animals)?
.have(the: leaves, ever: flown(), at: its.wind)?
.can(its: rocks.bring(), the: chillness, of: the.peaceful.silence,
and: twitching.reflection)?
.that(i: dream, of:
`in`, the: desolation, of:
.i(could(), `let`(), you).`catch`(my: breath)
.take(some: vibrations,
from: the.gasps, of: delight)
.and(a: little.heat,
from: the.pumping,
of: my.heart)
now(my: dreams, are: full, of: the.exoplanets)
.that(i: will<never>.put(), my: feet)
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