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  • Description: The user interface for interacting with the platform.
  • Manager: Alex
  • Team:
    • Alex: Developer
    • Mokhtar: Developer
    • Martin: Testing
  • Main repo: apps
  • Current version: We didn't have a proper version for Pioneer before and just used the version that shipped with Polkadot Apps that is 0.32.0-beta.6.
  • New version: 3.0 – here is why I propose this version:
    • 0.x - goes to Polka Apps.
    • 1.x - Elections + Proposals modules.
    • 2.x - Media module (explore + upload).
  • Audit: No
  • Documentation: No
  • Legal Review/ToS update: We need to apply a proper licenses to our joy-* modules. Parity uses Apache v2.0 for their Polkadot Apps modules.
  • Build/CI system: Don't have one. Should we start a work on this?
  • Target Platforms: Cross-platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows.
  • New/Altered Functionality: Alex
    • Small improvements to UX of Media module: Upload and Edit your content.
  • New User Stories:
    • Create, edit, lock and delete a root category or a subcategory.
    • Create, edit, lock and delete a thread in a selected category.
    • Create, edit, delete a reply in a selected thread.
    • Integrate CRUD for category, thread and reply with Substrate runtime module. Depends on Bedeho.
  • Deployment/Distribution:
    • The current approach: git clone repo, compile it with yarn build and run as a typical web app.
    • Question: Do we want to have a Docker image for Pioneer?
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