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Simple Templating
const applyTemplate = (templateElement, data) => {
const element = templateElement.content.cloneNode(true);
const treeWalker = document.createTreeWalker(element, NodeFilter.SHOW_ELEMENT, () => NodeFilter.FILTER_ACCEPT);
while (treeWalker.nextNode()) {
const node = treeWalker.currentNode;
for (let bindAttr in node.dataset) {
if (bindAttr.startsWith('bind_')) {
let dataKey = node.dataset[bindAttr];
let bindKey = bindAttr.substr(5);
node[bindKey] = data[dataKey];
return element;
<template id='itemTemplate'>
<div class="item" data-bind_id='guid'>
<h3><span data-bind_inner-text='title'></span> (<a data-bind_href='link'>#</a>)</h3>
<div data-bind_inner-text='pubDate'></div>
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