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how to have collaborative inbox using gsuite

Collaborative inbox using gsuite


  1. you have paid for Google Workspace (henceforth known as GW) (fka GSuite, fka Google Apps for your Domain) etc
  2. you turned on google groups for business (go to admin panel for GW See


  1. Create a Google Group and be its owner. I call this CustomerSupport group (henceforth known as CS).
  2. Go to to find this new group CS you created.
  3. Go to members under CS and add members (you can even add members outside the organization).
  4. Go to Group settings > General under CS.
  5. Turn on collaborative inbox.
  6. Now you can assign conversations to yourself and others and mark as done.


  1. can work even with members outside your organization (so you can save money)
  2. Has specific mark as done, mark as duplicate, mark as no action needed
  3. can assign to other members or to yourself so helps with coordination


  1. you cannot use your favorite email client. you have to use the Google Group UI
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