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Shippo Webhooks API

The Webhooks API is currently in closed beta. Some functionality has not been developed. The endpoint behavior might change over time, though we will try to avoid backwards incompatible changes.

The Shippo Webhooks API allows you to create, retrieve, update and delete webhooks for a Shippo account programmatically. The same functionality is already exposed in the Shippo dashboard at


The base URL of the Webhooks endpoint is

Create a webhook

Send a POST request as follows:

   "event": "track_updated",
   "url": "",
   "is_test": false

The following parameters are accepted:

  • event: any valid webhook event as listed here
  • url: the URL of your webhook endpoint
  • is_test: set the webhook object to test or live mode (boolean). This parameter will be depracated before the GA launch but is mandatory today. If you don't send this parameter the webhook will not function properly.

You will receive a response like this:

  "active": true,
  "event": "track_updated",
  "object_created": "2018-02-20T20:44:00.263Z",
  "object_id": "a703c5059a65430ba2bd2cc89c9fe730",
  "object_updated": "2018-02-20T20:44:00.263Z",
  "object_owner": "",
  "url": "",
  "is_test": false

Retrieve a webhook

You can retreive a webhook by sending a GET request to<webhook-object-id>.

List a webhook

You can list all webhook by sending a GET request to

Update a webhook

You can update a webhook by sending a PUT request to<webhook-object-id>. The parameters in the body are the same as the POST request for creating a webhook. Currently, all parameters need to be sent, even if they didn't change.

Deleting a webhook

You can delete a webhook by sending a DELETE request to<webhook-object-id>.

Beta status

The following features are not yet supported and will be added before releasing the webhooks API to GA:

  • Support API versioning
  • Support API test mode
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