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<h1 data-wp-block="h1">My title</h1>
<p data-wp-block="p">Some text</p>
<div data-wp-block="custom-collapsable" class="faqs-component">
<ul class="accordion">
<li data-wp-block-item="1" class="accordion-navigation active">
<a data-wp-block-field="title" aria-expanded="true" href="#panel691">My FAQ question title here</a>
<div data-wp-block-field="contents" id="panel691" class="content active">
<li>Text here on my answer.</li>
<li>More text here.</li>
<p>Find out more about <a href="link-here">how do this and that</a>.</p>
<li data-wp-block-item="2">Next FAQ item..</li>
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