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JS bookmarklet to help you login to multiple accounts at Rackspace. See blog post at
/* Bookmarklet is packed via Dean Edward's JS packer - */
javascript: RD();
function RD() {
if (!window.location.toString().match(/my\.rackspace\.com/i)) {
window.location.href = '';
var ac = new Array();
/* Enter multiple accounts here */
ac[012345] = 'My Account name';
ac[678910] = 'My other account name';
var d = C('div');
S(d, 'id', 'rsdiv');
S(d, 'class', 'myrs-box');
var f = C('form');
S(f, 'class', 'myrs-form');
var h = C('h3');
T(h, 'Choose account to login with');
A(f, h);
var s = C('select');
S(s, 'id', 'rsid');
for (var id in ac) {
var o = C('option');
S(o, 'value', id);
T(o, ac[id]);
A(s, o);
A(f, s);
var b = C('input');
S(b, 'type', 'submit');
S(b, 'value', 'update');
S(b, 'onclick', 'javascript:RL();return false');
A(f, b);
A(d, f);
drs = G('myrs-main');
drs.insertBefore(d, drs.firstChild);
function C (n) {
return document.createElement(n);
function S (e, n, v) {
e.setAttribute(n, v);
function T (e, t) {
e.textContent = t;
function A (e, c) {
function G (i) {
return document.getElementById(i);
function RL() {
var ac = G('rsid').value;
var d = G('rsdiv');
var a = G('account');
a.value = ac;
var u = G('username');
/* Enter username here */
u.value = 'myUsername';
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