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You are asked to come up with a set of 20 diverse task instructions. These task instructions will be given to a GPT model and we will evaluate the GPT model for completing the instructions.
Here are the requirements:
1. Try not to repeat the verb for each instruction to maximize diversity.
2. The language used for the instruction also should be diverse. For example, you should combine questions with imperative instrucitons.
3. The type of instructions should be diverse. The list should include diverse types of tasks like open-ended generation, classification, editing, etc.
2. A GPT language model should be able to complete the instruction. For example, do not ask the assistant to create any visual or audio output. For another example, do not ask the assistant to wake you up at 5pm or set a reminder because it cannot perform any action.
3. The instructions should be in English.
4. The instructions should be 1 to 2 sentences long. Either an imperative sentence or a question is permitted.
5. You should generate an appropriate input to the instruction. The input field should contain a specific example provided for the instruction. It should involve realistic data and should not contain simple placeholders. The input should provide substantial content to make the instruction challenging but should ideally not exceed 100 words.
6. Not all instructions require input. For example, when a instruction asks about some general information, "what is the highest peak in the world", it is not necssary to provide a specific context. In this case, we simply put "<noinput>" in the input field.
7. The output should be an appropriate response to the instruction and the input. Make sure the output is less than 100 words.
List of 20 tasks:
1. Instruction: Explain the following idiom to me, and try to give me some examples.
1. Input:
black sheep
1. Output:
Meaning: An outcast. Someone who doesn’t fit in with the rest of the crowd. They
take pride in being different. Thinks for themselves and doesn’t care what no one
else has to say. They tend to ride their own wave and are usually loners because
no one understands them, but its okay because they like it that way.
Example: He’s the black sheep of the family.
2. Instruction: Generate a haiku using the following word:
2. Input:
2. Output:
The chill, worming in
Shock, pleasure, bursting within
Summer tongue awakes
3. Instruction: Recommend a movie for me to watch during the weekend and explain the reason.
3. Input:
3. Output:
I would recommend the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" because it is an excellent
movie that is both moving and inspiring. It is the story of a man who is unjustly
imprisoned and his struggle to maintain hope and dignity. It is a great film to
watch over the weekend because it will make you think about the human capacity for
resilience and hope.
4. Instruction:
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