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WebSocket into Emit/Recieve (How to publish a value into Recieve and how to recieve it?)
// I want this function in my rust program to push an entry into the DHT but now sure how to do this under this EMIT method?
let signal_string = "I want this go into the signal entry on my dht";
fn set_to_dht(_signal: String) {
let json = serde_json::json!(
{"id": "signal",
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"method": "call",
"params": {"instance_id": "test-instance",
"zome": "signal_node",
"function": "receive",
"args": {
"_address": "HcSCIjn77EYm9C6gqsxuisP95WBnw5jf5QCAVAZ5dizvamsfDZSAXi35BVj5bsz",
"_msg": _signal,
connect("ws://localhost:3401", |out| {
move |msg| {
println!("Worked: {:#?}", msg);
// I then want to write some logic in a receiver RUST program to 'listen' and update a variable when the zome emits a change but unsure what that should look like?
// I'm using the WS Crate here but if you have an existing snip that does the same thing with Websocket crate then feel free to replace my function here.
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